Blatant Case of Racism; The Woman Accused Is Not Charged


Former Lutheran Pastor Kenneth Davis and his daughter were the subjects of racist threats.

Resident Paul Glasgall spoke with LAPD regarding former Palisades Lutheran Pastor Kenneth Davis and his daughter who were subjected to a vicious verbal attack with threats. He reported to Circling the News in an August 20 email.

“The DA declined to prosecute because there wasn’t a third party witness,” Glasgall said. “She sent it to the City Attorney for misdemeanor prosecution who also declined to move forward.”

Glasgall said this is “not overly encouraging for justice. You might want to give the story some finality. Might remind people to take photos and videos of such situations whenever possible.”

In May, LAPD Officer John Redican told CTN that the woman was identified, and the case had been turned over to the L.A. District Attorney. CTN contacted Detective Perez and District Attorney Veronica de la Cruz-Robles, but neither had returned CTN’s request for more information.

(Editor’s note: As a reminder, the following is part of the story that was reported on Circling the News after a sickening example of blatant racism in Ralphs’ parking lot on April 18, 2019, to the Pastor and his daughter Cassadi.)

Cassadi wrote:

I walked towards the carts, I heard someone talking behind me. I turned around and saw a white middle-aged woman with dark sandy blonde hair.

Initially, she appeared to be talking to herself, so I continued to mind my own business and get a cart.

As I turned around the woman came close to my face and said, “you fucking nigger!”

I was shocked, but tried not to react, and walked into the store by the fruit section.
Once inside, I called my dad and explained what had happened.

The woman walked into the store and walked towards me. I knew I needed to get away from her. I hid in the candy aisle while I was still on the phone with my dad.

I was scared, shaking and crying, not knowing what this racist woman was going to do next.

I saw the woman walking out of the store, so I told my dad, “she’s leaving.”

I stood by the entrance of the store, still shaking and crying, unable to move.

The Pastor wrote:

After the Thursday evening service was over, I left the church heading east on Sunset towards our home in the Alphabet Streets. As I approached the Monument intersection, my cell phone rang, and I heard my daughter Cassadi on the other end crying.

I asked what going on and she said her sister Camryn had gone inside Ralphs to use the restroom and while she (Cassadi) was standing outside getting a shopping cart, a middle-aged while female came very close to her face and began verbally attacking her by saying, “You fucking nigger–I hate you niggers!” I asked if she was safe and told her I was on my way.

As fate, luck, the universe, God would have it, Cassadi’s call came at the precise time I was driving past Ralphs.

Still on the phone with Cassadi and hearing her crying and the fear in her voice, I immediately made a U-turn by the Station 69 fire station and turned into Ralphs’ parking lot. I met my daughter at the front door of the store and asked where the woman was.
Cassadi pointed her out next to a white Passat.

Cassadi wrote:

I watched as my dad went up to
the lady to ask her what she had said to me.
I could hear the woman as she said to my dad, ‘I hate you fucking niggers.’ She continued to say the same phrase over and over again.

Davis continued:

Without thinking and probably not wise, I approached the vehicle and tapped on her windows that were rolled up and asked, “What did you say to my daughter?” She turned on the engine, put the vehicle in reverse all the while continuing to hurl insults and expletives. She repeatedly shouted, “You fucking niggers, I hate you!”

She then backed up and appeared to be leaving the parking lot exit close to Corpus Christi Catholic Church. To my surprise, she stopped the car, left the engine running, got out of the car and began to walk towards me. Concerned that she might have a weapon, I continued to watch her hands.

She came within 10 feet of where I was standing and again said, “You fucking niggers, I hate you!’ The she added the phrase, “I’m going to get my gun and come back and kill you niggers!” At which point she returned to her vehicle and turned left onto Sunset heading toward the Palisades village.

Cassadi added that she saw the woman get back in the car and heard her shout, “If I see you again in this area, I’m going to shoot you all.”

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3 Responses to Blatant Case of Racism; The Woman Accused Is Not Charged

  1. C. Jones says:

    Thanks very much for the follow up on Kenneth and Cassadi’s horrible experience at Ralph’s. Quite disappointed to read about the dead-end result. Perhaps the man who was verbally assaulted by the same woman soon after could be a valid witness to this woman’s racist attacks. He’s the one who photographed her, as I recall, getting into her car, which led to identifying her.

  2. I am shocked that

    I am shocked Cassadi had to hear this racist, angry woman. That woman clearly needed psychological medications and group anti hate therapy. She is mentally disturbed and needs medical intervention. Is there no way to force her into mental health intervention? Her behavior is not a reflection of the Palisades.
    I am sorry this ever happened to Cassadi or anyone in this community. The pain to the family must be so awful and searing. Where is God?


  3. Dante Davis says:

    This is really sad. Prayers to you and Cassadi for being so courageous and strong through this unfortunate situation. This world needs unity more now than ever with God leading the way.

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