Woman Attacks Will Rogers Beach Goers

This woman attacked three separate females at Temescal and Will Rogers State Beach. She was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department.

A woman, described as a transient, attacked a family in Temescal Park near Pacific Coast Highway. She then fled across PCH to Will Rogers State Beach, where she assaulted another female.

Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles Police Department were called.

The woman then ran towards the beach showers where a mom with two young kids was cleaning off the sand.

The woman punched the mom in the back of the head so hard that it caused her to fall on her child.

Palisades Patrol was in the parking lot and was flagged down by the mom. Pali Patrol officers prevented the woman from further attacking the children by detaining her until police arrived.

LAFD arrived to handle injuries, and one of the three women went to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the police did not arrive for two hours because residents were told officers from West LA were being sent to the Pacific Division to handle calls. Pali Patrol stayed onsite waiting for LAPD to arrive.

The woman was arrested by police, and she told them she was high on drugs.

CTN reached out to LAPD to see if the woman was held and if she has priors. When they respond the story will be updated.

PaliPatrol CEO Scott Wagenseller said that his company had almost 105 calls last month relating to vagrants  and kids, who were disrupting businesses, trespassing or causing trouble on client properties.

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3 Responses to Woman Attacks Will Rogers Beach Goers

  1. Krishna Thangavelu says:

    The understaffing of LAPD is something I have been writing about for three years, ever since we in the Palisades became aware of former CM Mike Bonin’s plan to use Will Rogers as a site for homeless housing.

    I have also offered a staffing solution for three years. When local workers are not available Corporate America staffs talent from all over the global. There is absolutely zero reason this City and its taxpayers should be underpoliced. It’s a large world and there are excellent cops all over the world who can be brought over for a contract term to learn from LAPD and serve to secure the safety and peace of this community.

    Shame on our politicians and bureaucrats for not understanding our safety needs and current best practices in organizational staffing. How absolutely backward and primitive our staffing practices are!! Provincial and uninformed.

    It also goes without saying a good corporate CEO would have managed this ridiculous homelessness and crime spree so fast your head would spin. At a fraction of the cost that this bumbling City and County leadership has wasted. there is a reason Los Angeles City numbers among the worst run cities in this country. We have one of the most beautiful geographies in the world and we are incapable of governing it to provide basic public safety for residents.

    Please let your city, county, and state electeds know they have failed in their basic mission and need to seek help from others more capable than themselves. Get coached and get up to speed for our sakes.

  2. Kathleen Jensen says:

    Well said, Krishna. Thanks for your post.

  3. K.C. Soll says:

    Pacific Palisades has a population of +/- 25,000. In a disaster, who will support us? Folks, we’ll be on our own.

    Please prepare.

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