Update: January 22 Readers Report on Covid Vaccination

Covid Vaccination Update:

I asked readers to keep me updated on the process of getting a Covid vaccination, given that California ranks last in getting the shots into people’s arms (40.9 percent). In contrast, my mom’s medical office in South Dakota called her directly and wanted to know if she wanted a shot—which she took.

Vaccinations took place at a distribution site run by LAFD.

One reader wrote:

“The website for Covid vaccinations was unbearably clunky and difficult to navigate.

“My wife and I did manage to get appointment on Tuesday for Thursday morning appointments at the Inglewood Forum. This experience was just the opposite of accessing the web site: Many, pleasant, people directing traffic and answering questions. Entire process from arrival to leaving, including 15 minutes waiting to see if we had any adverse side effects, was an hour.

“Staff was mostly volunteers with medical backgrounds. Actually, an enjoyable experience to be around so many helpful, optimistic people.

‘Thanks to everyone who volunteers for this effort.”

A second reader wrote:

“My wife and I just received our COVID shots at 9 a.m. this morning at Dodger Stadium [January 22]. We left the house at 6: 45 a.m. and returned at 10 a.m.  Decent process, huge number of cars!”

A third reader wrote:

“The story of your mom’s vaccine reminded me of how the first polio vaccine was administered. In the mid-1950 the ‘Salk vaccine’ was given to all school children and this was likely done by the school nurse. If it could only be that simple today. I’ve found Palisades NextDoor to be my best source of vaccination information. I must have selected 100 appointment times online today, only be told when confirming that the appointment was no longer available. Which is no reason to not keep trying.”

A fourth reader wrote:

“Just got the Moderna vaccine at a distribution site run by the LA Fire Dept. [January 21].  Despite signs that said, “No vaccine without appointment,” they were very welcoming and no wait.  But parking is short, and I had to park about a block away on the street. Address: 1261 W 79th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90044.”

A fifth reader wrote:

“I was alerted that there were no health care workers in line on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium, so we drove over and got the shot.”

Reader Update:

A reader sent the following tip/link on Sunday, January 24, and said he and his wife were both able to get an appointment.

Click on reservation for public health POD and select one of the two available locations for the 1st Pfizer vaccine, one in Inglewood or another in Northridge (listed as Los Angeles).
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  1. Mary Jo Stirling says:

    I received a call from Kaiser, made an appointment, and got my first dose Sat. Jan. 23. I have a return appointment for Feb. 13. Kaiser has set up a whole building just to administer the vaccine. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes.

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