Unhoused Not Allowed to Block Roosevelt Tunnel

Three men illegally blocked the tunnel that provides access to the beach.

Co-president of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness (PPTFH), Sharon Kilbride, was tipped off that the Roosevelt Tunnel, one of the few ways for pedestrians to safely cross Pacific Coast Highway to reach the beach from West Channel Road and Chautauqua had been blocked by several men.

A sign is posted above the tunnel entrance “No Loitering LAMC 63.93”

Needles were found onsite.

She went to the site and found three men who had taken over the tunnel. “There were beds, chairs, tables and carts,” Kilbride said, and noted that various needles had been found and the men appeared to be using meth. “I engaged the group and told them that LAPD was in-route, and they fled the tunnel.”

Kenny, who is unhoused, has worked with the PPTFH before keeping the two tunnels in that area cleared of sand and other items. He is paid for his services. Kilbride said, “Kenny spent an hour with me, cleaning up the mess.”

If residents see a camp inside the tunnel, they are asked to call 911.

“Those fellows were bad news and not interested in any services,” Kilbride said, and added “Kenny cleaned everything up, please thank him when you see him.”

Kenny helps keep the tunnel and stairs swept and clean.

Kenny helped drag the items out of the tunnel so that passage was possible.

The tunnel, built in 1940, was described in the 2013 Los Angeles Historic Resources Inventory as “Pedestrian tunnel that runs underneath Pacific Coast Highway from West Channel Road to the beach; concrete construction, rough stucco finish, concrete steps, metal balustrades and handrails.”

It was noted that: “Rare example of a pedestrian tunnel in Los Angeles; runs underneath Pacific Coast Highway; provides access from the Pacific Palisades commercial area to the beach. Pedestrian tunnels appear to be of local significance only and may not meet significance thresholds for the National or California registers.”

The tunnel (accessed by the railing) allows beachgoers to safely cross under PCH’s six lanes of traffic.

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  1. Elvee says:

    What is redeeming about drug users who have no respect or consideration for others?
    now, is it more clear why nobody wants losers like these in their neighborhoods?

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