Two Homes Red-Tagged, One Home Yellow-Tagged

The yard from the home above slid into the home below.

LAFD Station 69 firefighters helped the occupants gather belongings. SoCal Gas workers were onsite to check utilities. The slide is behind the tree and nearly to the roof of the house.

A 20,000-sq-ft. piece of the hillside, off Las Lomas Avenue, slid into a home below at 949 Los Lomas.

The slide was reported at 7:50 p.m. March 26, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Nicholas Prange.

“There were helicopters all night and this morning,” said a neighbor, who was with several other neighbors looking at the slide. There were several news channels also parked on Las Lomas.

LAFD Battalion 9 Officers and LAFD Station 69 were there this morning to help the owner of the home that had been red tagged remove his belongings. The hill above had slid into the family home that was on flat land in the valley below.

The night before, four adults and four children who lived at that address were evacuated for fear more land and a portion of the house above might slide down, too.

The man who lived in the house above was also evacuated, and his house yellow-tagged.  The owner, a 55-year-Palisades resident, Leon Faynsod, has lived at the Los Lomas address for 15 years. This morning, relatives were helping him pack belongings. They had been told that his home would be red tagged later today.

The house immediately next to his at 1105 was also yellow tagged.

Battalion 9 LAFD Officers said that Building and Safety had come out the night before and that was when the house “below” had been red tagged. All utilities had been secured. Today, SoCal Gas workers were onsite.

LAFD Firefighters had seen photos of the slide the night before and said they could see additional movement this morning.

A City geologist had been requested, but one had not been to the site by noon. As one person observed, “It’s Cesar Chavez Day, so city workers have the day off.”

Another said, “There’s not much that can be done, anyway, because more rain is predicted on Wednesday.”

Another resident, who has lived in the Palisades since 1997, said, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

He was asked if he worried about his property.

“I worry about everything, but I can’t worry about what Mother Nature has in mind,” he said.

Councilmember Traci Park told CTN on March 27, “My thoughts are with the families impacted by the slide. This unfortunate incident is a reminder that we must remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to stay safe.”

The back yard of this home slid down the hill.

The house was yellow tagged, but the occupant was warned it would be red tagged later today.  With the yard gone, the back of the house sat at the edge of the slide.

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