TRX Yoga and TRX Training Classes Offered at the Palisades-Malibu YMCA

YMCA TRX yoga instructor Marla Ricketts demonstrates the added flexibility that the straps allow.

If a person is tired of his/her general daily exercise, the Palisades-Malibu YMCA is now offering TRX Yoga and TRX Conditioning, classes which specialize in individual instruction in a small class.

Using straps attached to the ceiling, yoga exercisers are able to bend over more easily and reach and twist in different configurations without falling over.

Class size is limited to four people, and there is a separate small charge associated with this one-hour class. It is highly individualized, with specific instruction based on a student’s need.

TRX Yoga is excellent for someone who has balance issues. For example, when the class starts, instructor Marla Ricketts (the Y’s program director) has participants hold onto the handles as they do a variety of stretches.

One might start standing with hands lifted above the shoulders, then circling them as you bend at the waist to lean forward in a type of sun salutation.

The class is good for people who take yoga and also for those who have never taken yoga. TRX moves slowly and Ricketts makes sure that balance and posture are correct. For those who do yoga, it would be considered a gentle flow class.

A woman who takes the TRX Conditioning with Betsy Cantor told this writer that she feels it’s a better motivator than a larger class. “The individual instruction really helps me work on what I need to,” she said.

Both classes offer a total body workout in one hour, helping exercisers to gain strength, balance and flexibility. The exercises use each individual body’s weight.

TRX Yoga is offered at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and TRX Conditioning is offered at 10 a.m. on Thursdays.

In order for members to see for themselves, the first class that one takes is free. Sign up at the front desk. Call: (310) 454-5591 or visit:

As Marla Ricketts demonstrates, the yoga chair pose is easier with the straps.

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