Town Fair Celebrated in Grand Style on May 18

Children were able to choose from several slides and the Town Fair.

St. Matthews Parish School was once again the site of the annual Town Fair on Saturday May 18, at the school located at 1031 Bienveneda Avenue.

The event started in 1953 as a quintessential community event, bringing together students, parents, faculty, and the Palisades community – and because of the popularity and fun, it has continued for 71 years.

The Fair, which has been a springtime stable for youth in the community was cancelled in 2020 because of Covid. The next year it was a student-only smaller scale affair on a school day.

But this year, it was back in full force with nearly 1,000 participants. As children went on the traditional carnival rides, parents and teachers participated in the chili cook-off.

Head of School Alley Michaelson explained “Town Fair is like Christmas morning at St. Matthew’s, a highly anticipated community event that brings our families, as well as our neighbors and partners to the campus to see what St. Matthew’s is about.

“Watching parents bring this event to life is pure magic,” she said.

Brave youth had fun on the giant slide.

There was a bake sale and a win-a-cake game. For the youth there was face painting, bubbles, petting zoo and cooking decorating.

There were raffle ticket sales, with proceeds benefitting St. Matthew’s long-term partner and friend, The Neighborhood Youth Association. That nonprofit’s mission statement is: NYA empowers students to achieve 100% college placement and on-time high school graduation through mentoring, tutoring, and a holistic family approach to break cycles of poverty and vulnerability click here.

As parents and families began the clean up around 5 p.m., Michaelson joined them with her son in tow. “I overheard a Kindergarten student crying…,” she said.

The youth’s source of tears? “I don’t want Town fair to be over!”

Michaelson said, “That is the true measure of success!” click here.

No fair is complete without a ride on the swing.

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