Theatre Palisades Presents “Miracle on 34th Street”

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Theatre Palisades Actors’ Troupe performed “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Theatre Palisades Actors’ Troupe presented a radio show of Miracle on 34th Street on December 14, which included ads from Lux soap.

The almost full house, of all ages, laughed as the actress held up the box of soap and then explained how to make snow to put on the Christmas tree, using soap flakes. This live play was adapted from a 1947 Lux Radio Broadcast by Lance Arthur Smith, and performers wore costumes from that period.

This tale is about an old man who calls himself Kris Kringle and is hired as Macy’s department store Santa. Playing Kris was long-time resident Manfred Hofer, whose voice is wonderful, deep and perfect for the role.

When Kris claims to be the real Santa, it turns into a court case – and a child’s belief makes the difference.

The actors and actresses were excellent, and many voiced several roles. Running the foley sound effects with almost perfect timing were Maria O’Connor and Martha Hunter.

Prior to the show, there were cookies, cider and mulled wine, and everyone entering the theater received a raffle ticket.

Before the hour radio play, theater goers enjoyed cookies.

After the one-hour presentation, Mrs. Santa came down from the North Pole to Pacific Palisades to aid with the drawing. . ..and there were some exceptional prizes, including two sets of subscriptions to Theatre Palisades for the 2023 season.

Café Luxe donated two gift cards and Gelson’s supermarket also donated a grocery card.

There were Santa hot chocolate mugs, two boxes of candy and a bottle of wine. One lucky winner took home a Dan Dan the Sausage Man Variety Pack, which looked exceptionally yummy (if you’re not a vegetarian).

One of the most interesting items was donated by Madame Pamita’s Parlour of Wonders (, which included a basket with old-time Christmas Angels double deck playing cards, two beeswax Angel candles, two beeswax Sister Star candles and a box of Golden Wings Matches.

In the play, Miracle on 34th Street, Attorney Fred Gailey, who represents Kris Kringle tells the little girl’s mother: “Look Doris, someday you’re going to find that your way of facing this realistic world just doesn’t work. And when you do, don’t overlook those lovely intangibles. You’ll discover those are the only things that are worthwhile.”

The radio show has become an annual event in the theater. The show alternates between A Christmas Carol and Miracle. The production and evening were truly magical—put it on your calendar for next year.

Members of the foley crew are (left) Maria O’Conner and Martha Hunter. Actor Phil Bartolf played the store owner.

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  1. CC Fischer says:

    Manfred Hofer is a gift, Be more like Manfred Hofer.

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