The Real Larry David Exposed

Larry David, who is the star/creator of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is featured in a new documentary.

UPDATE: Larry David has changed his mind. Just hours before it was to run, he asked HBO to pull “The Larry David Story.” 

HBO has posted this tweet: “The #LarryDavidStory on @HBOMax is being postponed. Instead, Larry has decided he wants to do it in front of an audience. Stay tuned for more info.” 

We’re staying tuned. 

Larry David will be in conversation in front of an audience May 2 at the Greek Theatre. But it’ll be for Netflix, not HBO. 


Special to Circling the News

Lest anyone thinks the real Larry David is like the curmudgeon he plays on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” there’s a new documentary to set the record straight.

Well, as straight as the real David can manage.

In the special, Larry David is in conversation with his longtime friend, director Larry Charles.

In the trailer for the documentary, David admits he “never thought of myself as being funny.”

He looks back and says “25 years old. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Well, what do you do when you’re talking, and people are laughing? You do comedy.” That’s when he thought “why not me?”

Although he made his first gazillion dollars as co-creator of “Seinfeld,” David had low expectations, saying “anything I was associated with that could be successful was a shock.”

He was so surprised, that he claims, “I’m a total fraud.” Yet, he’s also had mega-success with “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” as a cranky, blunt character also named Larry David.

David adds that “the ‘Curb’ outlet for me is this guy I want to be. He’s completely honest, just the opposite of who I am. And it’s a thrill.”

At 74, David’s assessment of his career is “I got lucky. I’ll leave it at that.”

“The Larry David Story” was to have premiered on March 1, on HBO in two back-to-back episodes. It was also going to be streamed on HBO Max.

If  and when the documentary runs and David wants to watch it at home, he has at least two choices. There’s his main Pacific Palisades residence, near his beloved Riviera Country Club. And there’s the place he recently purchased in Montecito, a Normandy-style cottage built in 1929.

On the couch next to him might be his wife, Ashley Underwood, whom he married in October 2020. They met three years earlier when seated next to each other at a birthday party for Sacha Baron Cohen. She was a producer on Baron Cohen’s TV series “Who is America?” and Baron Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher, had been on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” David previously was married to environmentalist Laurie David until 2007.

(Editor’s note: The 11th Season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” ran from October 24 through December 26, 2021. Nothing has been confirmed about the 12th season, yet.)

Ashley Underwood married Larry David in 2020.
Photo: New York Times – Michael Kovac/Getty Images

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