Temescal Traffic Hazard Alert

Beware Large Pothole On Temescal Road

Just below the Palisades High School stadium on Temescal Canyon Road (by the stacked wood) is a pothole that is about four feet long, by a foot wide, by five inches deep. The hole is in the slow lane of traffic.

A small barrier, to warn motorists, had been placed in front of the hole, but someone had knocked it over by 8:30 a.m.

The barrier had been put back up around 9 a.m. But in order for motorists to avoid the hole, and most likely damage to his/her car, the driver needs to avoid that lane at that location.

With the heavy rains this spring, numerous potholes have appeared on Temescal.

Last June, Bureau of Street Services repaved the bicycle lanes on either side of the heavily traveled road. It is the main road for access to Palisades High School, attended by almost 3,000 students. The road is also one of the few ways to access Pacific Palisades from Pacific Coast Highway (Sunset and Chautauqua are the other two).

When street service workers were working on the bicycle lanes, Circling the News asked why they weren’t repaving the entire road. The workers said that although Temescal was in bad condition and needed to be redone, they only had orders to repave the bicycle lanes and suggested calling the Council office.

Circling the News sent an email to Councilman Mike Bonin’s office on June 19, “Temescal Canyon Road is one of only four roads in and out of the Palisades. It is heavily traveled. There are pot holes, the pavement is coming up in areas. City workers, who specialize in street repair say it should be redone. For liability reasons, I would think it would become a priority.”

Bonin’s Field Deputy Lisa Cahill responded “The bike lane only was re-done as part of the Mayor’s program to address bike lanes. This is a separate fund from the regular resurfacing.  If they are able to add a little extra asphalt here or there, to a particular area of the road that needs repair, then they sometimes do so. Total resurfacing on this road is not slated, however, they are putting together the list for this next fiscal year.”


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3 Responses to Temescal Traffic Hazard Alert

  1. Appreciate the heads up Sue, and the swift appeal for repairs. I’ve shared on NextDoor.

  2. Sue:
    from NextDoor:

    Sharon Piehl, Marquez Knolls·5m ago
    Did you happen to report this to 311? This was reported once, fixed and then I think with the rain, the hole appeared again and needs repair.

  3. Joan Silverman says:

    Traveling south on Temescal Canyon Blvd.,there is a large, deep pot hole
    in left lane just before you reach the playground.

    Another bad pothole is just as you turn unto Haverford from Temescal Canyon Blvd. In center of street.

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