Street Tree Planting Is Underway in Pacific Palisades

Members of the Palisades Forestry Committee (left to right) David Card, Cindy Kirven, Nancy Niles, Bill Bruns and Bruce Schwartz gathered on Hartzell for the parkway tree planting.

The Palisades Forestry Committee, under the auspices of the Pacific Palisades Community Council, has pledged to plant 100 trees this year to help celebrate the town’s centennial.

The first of the hundred, a Coast Live Oak, was planted at Founders Oak Island on Haverford on January 14, on the town’s official birthday.

The next 10 trees were planted last Thursday on the parkways along Hartzell Street (between Sunset and Bestor) — leaving only 89 trees to go. Next up: Via de la Paz from the bluffs up to Bestor, but excluding the business district.

To get on the list to receive a free residential street tree,  receive more information or to volunteer, email:

The committee was formed in 2019, under the late PPCC President George Wolfberg’s leadership.

Committee Chair Cindy Kiven told Circling the News, “It is exciting and also a relief to finally get these street trees into the ground following George’s appointment of the committee more than two years ago.

“In a world full of bad news and divisiveness, it is particularly rewarding to have the neighbors, individually, and the supporting city agencies all come together to beautify the neighborhood and better the environment,” Kirven said. “With the new relationships forged from working on this test street [Hartzell], I am anticipating a rapidly expanding effort for outreach to additional neighbors on a street-by-street basis.”

Two species (Mondell Pine and Arbutus ‘Marina’) were recommended by the Forestry Committee and approved by the city’s Urban Forestry Division for Hartzell. Individual homeowners must pledge to water their tree regularly for at least three years, until the tree’s roots are established.

City Plants, a program supported by the L.A. Department of Water and Power, arranged for a L.A. Conservation Corps crew to dig the holes in approved parkway spaces and do the actual planting. The trees are free and are planted at no cost to the homeowner.

One Hartzell resident was extremely disappointed on Thursday, because workers encountered a gas line where the tree was supposed to be planted. Another resident was also disappointed when workers discovered a tree root that filled the intended space.

The Palisades Forestry Committee, led by Kirven, includes Jo Ann Bright, Bill Bruns, David Card, Nancy Niles, Mary Schulz, Bruce Schwartz, Lisa V. and Marilyn Wexler.

Kirven said the committee has asked for and received advice from the following advisors: Stephen Du Prey, of the City of Los Angeles Urban Forestry Division; Miguel Ornelas, the area supervisor for Urban Forestry; Noah Fleishman (Councilman Mike Bonin’s Deputy Director); Kelly Comras (landscape architect), Lisa Cahill (Tree activist and former CD 11 field deputy), Lisa Smith (registered consulting arborist) and Nancy Freedman (Brentwood Community Council). j

Parkway trees were planted on Hartzell Street on March 24.

Members of the L.A. Conservation Corps helped plant free trees on Hartzell.

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