Standard Design Group, a One-Stop Landscaping Store, Opens on Temescal Canyon Road 

General Manager Aaron Alvo offers a wide selection of plants, trees, and shrubs to choose from.

The Standard Design Group, which has a landscaping store in Studio City, has opened its second shop in Pacific Palisades at 810 Temescal Canyon Road (across from Palisades High).

“We do everything,” said General Manager Aaron Alvo. “We’re a one-stop shop. We offer planting, irrigation, landscaping, water features and design.”

Owner Dave Schneider has assembled a team of landscape design professionals with extensive industry experience. The nursery features plants that do particularly well in coastal Pacific Palisades.

Alvo told Circling the News that if a resident is considering a project, “We’re happy to give an estimate – everything from a small planting job to a high-end project.”

Right now, “We’re working on a front-yard remodel on Chautauqua and brand-new landscaping on Wildomar,” he said. “If anyone needs advice, stop by.”

Alvo acknowledged with Covid-19 restrictions, “it’s a weird time to be opening a new business, but we’re happy to be in the Palisades.”

He gave me a tour of the different little areas and pointed out plants that can be grown with little water, such as the blue flax lily and the foxtail.

They have a large selection of fruit trees, including dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard-sized trees. “We have a size for everybody,” Alvo said, noting that they have citrus, kumquats, avocado, figs, nectarine and apple.

“The Espalie 6-1 is a vined apple,” Alvo said, explaining how the tree has three tiers with six varieties of apples grafted onto a central stem.  They also carry the Espalie 3-1, which has a golden Dorset, an Anna and a Fuji apple. “As long as it’s trained it will go up by the wall.”

Each limb of the apple tree produces a different type of apple and it can be trained for a wall.

Alvo said they deliver and plant trees, and that Schneider is currently selecting some additional palms for the nursery to carry.

If you need hedges, you don’t need to leave the area, because there are several different varieties available. “The medium hedges we carry are seven foot,” Alvo said, “and we have tall ficus column edging that is 10 to 11 foot.”

The store carries the grasses that many residents use in parkways and other areas where water conservation is required. And you can find 4-inch annual color, such as marigold, celosia and African daisies (the prices are reasonable at only $2.49 for a pot).

“We are charging prices that are competitive,” Alvo said, noting that they also plan to carry succulents again and an assortment of pottery.

Some residents may remember Laura Revness, who worked at Acme and did some unique succulent arrangements. She will also be working with The Standard Design Group.

The store is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week. Stop by, everyone is super friendly. Call Alvo (310) 230-8743 or email:

The Standard Design Group has numerous plants and trees for sale.

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