Speed Considered a Factor

This was one of four cars damaged in the November 29 accident on Sunset.

Accident on Sunset Damages Four Cars

November 29 was not a good night for the people who had cars parked near 15757 Sunset Boulevard, the apartment complex just past the entrance to Temescal Gateway Park.

West Traffic was contacted about the accident, and Circling the News received an email on December 11. According to the report, a car speeding on that stretch of road damaged four vehicles around 11:30 p.m. There were no arrests and it was labeled an accident.

Chris, a resident who lives in that apartment building, told CTN that he came out the next day and found his car was wrecked. “I had just bought a brand-new car three weeks ago,” he said, noting it was a 2015 Jetta. “There was no note left on my car; there was nothing.

“How do you ruin someone’s property and go on without letting them know,” he wondered.

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