Skydivers Return to the Palisades Parade this Year

One of the most eagerly awaited aspects of the Palisades Parade is the sky divers who land on Sunset Boulevard at Swarthmore to start the parade.

This year Tom Falzone, a former Palisadian and the coach for the skydiving team at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, most likely will be the first to jump from the plane 3,000 feet above the street.

He will be followed by Annie Helliwell, who made her first Palisades jump in 1991. She is a world-renowned BASE jumper, a parachute designer, an emergency room nurse, and a pilot, who flies Twin Otters for Skydive Perris.

The final diver out of the plane is Scott Smith, a former U.S Freestyle Champion, who has more than 20,000 dives. Smith has either performed or coordinated jumps in numerous movies, including “Iron Man” and “Godzilla.”

Last year, Smith video-taped the dive.

Readers can find out more about the skydivers in the PAPA Parade Publication that should be in mailboxes soon.

The video is the property of Scott Smith and is replayed with permission.

(For fun, watch the YouTube video of Tom Cruise, a former Palisades resident, skydiving with James Corden that was made to promote Mission Impossible 6 click here..)

Learn to skydive: click here or call (800)759-3483.

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2 Responses to Skydivers Return to the Palisades Parade this Year

  1. John Marrone says:

    Incredibly crisp go-pro video on a gorgeous day!

  2. . says:

    BEST part of the festivities!

    Thank you and Scott Smith for sharing – mind blowing!!

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