Sent a Letter to the Coastal Commission to End Long Term Parking on PCH

Campers seem to park permanently along PCH, limiting access for other beach goers.
Photo: Courtesy ABC News

Many residents are aware of the large number of campers and cars that have parked along Pacific Coast Highway between Coastline and Topanga.

Residents have voiced concern not only about the safety hazard they present, but also about taking away parking from those who might like to stop and look at the Pacific Ocean.

L.A. County has asked the Coastal Commission for restricted parking in this area.

Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s District Director Stephanie Cohen spoke at the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Task force meeting on October 10, in Santa Monica.

Cohen said a hearing will be held by the Coastal Commission on October 17 in Chula Vista to see if there is a merit to restrict parking along PCH.

Per the Coastal Commission website the project description is: To authorize the implementation of parking restrictions and associated regulatory signage along a 0.7-mile stretch of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) that would prohibit parking on the landward side of PCH between 12 and 2 a.m. and prohibit parking on the seaward side of PCH between 2 and 4 a.m. daily.

Cohen said at the PCH Meeting, “Hopefully we’ll get the parking signs approved.”

You can voice your support by sending a letter that supports L.A. County’s move to restrict long-term parking along the coast.

In writing a letter to the Coastal Commission, it is important to address beach access issues rather than concerns about public safety.

One might mention that 1) parking has been limited to all beachgoers because of the people who park for weeks and months on the coast: 2) by restricting hours it opens up coastal access that has been hindered by long-term parking; 3) the suggested hours institute less restrictive parking restrictions than what exists on the beach side currently; or 4) if you have any stories from friends, family or visitors of the area who have expressed concern over not being able to access the beach because of long-term parked vehicles.

Cohen said that “Supervisor Kuehl will be submitting a letter to the Commission and I will be attending with the County Department of Public Works Director to speak on behalf of the ‘applicant (County of LA).’”

If the Coastal Commission denies the appeal from Pamela Gayle Johnson for unlimited parking, then the County can move forward and posts the signs.

Your letters must be emailed to Stephanie Cohen by Tuesday, October 15, so she can print them out and hand them to the commissioners. Letters must include the agenda number (TH17a) and application number (A-4-MMT-19-0182).

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6 Responses to Sent a Letter to the Coastal Commission to End Long Term Parking on PCH

  1. Rosalie says:

    If the “no parking” is for two hours in the middle of the night, how will this be monitored? Will the county have personnel writing tickets or towing those big RVs or campers at that hour? Perhaps a camera system could handle this. If the footage or series of stills show a vehicle has not moved during that two-hour stretch, then a ticket could be generated, followed by towing.


    Hello. I am not aware that there is any designation of PCH as an RV park. Both sides have become full of permanent RVs that block access to (intended) short term parking for tourists, residents etc.., Although this is not a homeless campsite issue some of the same concerns apply. PCH was not designed as a campground or for permanent housing.

    But of more major concern is the added potential for fire due to Propane tanks and untended trash and the blocking of PCH to fire and emergency equipment access to the hillsides. Under current conditions how could access be quickly obtained for those areas? This is a serious public safety issue.

    [signed letter sent to Coastal Commission]

  3. Sue says:


    Until now, the L.A. County Sheriff’s could not write a ticket or ask people to move. It is my understanding that the L.A. County Supervisor’s office has been working with the Coastal Commission for some time trying to get some hours in effect. This is a compromise that most hope will be allowed.


  4. Gloria says:

    Just sent a letter, thank you for the info.

  5. Karen Siteman says:

    The entire problem with the manner in which this issue is addressed and the lack of interest in other issues that relate to beaches and harbors is lack of holding the wrongdoers accountable, giving tickets and policing the areas is a huge part if the problem. The other problem is that people don’t care about our issues since we live in an affluent area! We don’t get the allocation of resources we deserve.

  6. Linda A Seltzer says:

    I just sent an email! Hopefully it will accomplish something

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