Resident Takes Initiative to Clean Beach

Sergeant Eric Fine, LAPD Officer “Rusty” Redican and Jake all helped with the Castellammare beach cleanup that netted 20 bags of garbage. Jake picked up 264 cigarette butts.

Castellammare Beach Cleanup

Thanks to one resident and his family, the beach at Castellammare is on its way to being pristine. Shaun Bryant wrote on Nextdoor on December 30.

“This morning, my wife, my son and I went down to Porta Marina beach at 8:30 a.m. and picked up trash for an hour,” Bryant wrote. “I picked up more than 1000 cigarette butts, 20 beer bottles, 25 beer cans, two broken 1-gallon wine bottles, napkins, junk food wrappers, dirty old (homeless) clothes, and other not-so-fun-to-mention items.

Resident Shaun Bryant organized a beach clean up with Castellammare neighbors participating.

“We probably picked up a 50-yard area of the beach, plus the bushes in the area where cars park to walk to the beach,” he said, noting that the family filled two 33-gallon white kitchen trash bags. “A girl who seemed to be camped out in her car told us ‘You are the kind of people who make this world a better place.’”

Bryant suggested that if they had other neighbor volunteers about once a month, that residents could really keep the beach clean.

“It’s our job as citizens of this neighborhood to keep it clean. We all need to tell our workers not to litter in our neighborhood, and if we see anyone throwing cigarette butts or trash out of their car. WE ALL NEED TO SAY SOMETHING!”

He invited neighbors to clean on January 12, from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. saying “I would be happy to provide the rubber gloves & the trash bags if you could just bring your own personal coffee, water and snacks.”

Even with the rainy, overcast weather, the Bryant family was joined by about 20 neighbors and law enforcement officials Rusty Redican and Jimmy Soliman.

“It was a great showing this morning,” Redican said.

Beaches and Harbors officials said that more than 20 contractor bags filled with garbage and trash were hauled away by their staff, which meant the garbage was prevented from entering the ocean during the four-day heavy rainfall January 14-17, which produced 5.1 inches of rain.

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