Real Estate Market Looking up for Bluebirds

Western Bluebirds are moving into the Palisades.


While there seem to be many houses for sale in Pacific Palisades, there’s one subpopulation that seems to be growing: bluebirds.


A reader wrote to CTN: When I moved to the Palisades more than 20+ years ago, the only time I saw our native Western Bluebirds was at Will Rogers State Park, where they would sit on the benches overlooking the polo field.


A few years back, but especially after the florification of the George Wolfberg Park at Potrero Canyon, I started noticing them around the residences in the Via de las Olas bluff area. But slowly they seemed to be making their way up Swarthmore. 


I purchased a nesting box that sat empty for a few years.  But this week I discovered such happiness!  A female with grass in her beak was peeking in the box while a male was singing her along. In she went, and now they have housing close to town!


Range maps say that our area is for non-breeding birds only, but anyone who is paying attention around here knows that the Palisades is far too romantic and the map needs updating.  


Bluebirds need a specialized box with a specific size entrance hole to keep out predators. The box should be facing east, and between six and eight feet off the ground.   You can download plans to build your own from the North American Bluebird Society click here, or can buy a pre-made one: click here.

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  1. Sue, There is a gentleman by the name of Ian who places birdhouses for Western Bluebirds in the local golf courses (Heroes Golf Course, Penmar etc.). He then records how many build nests, lay eggs and how many hatch. I have his contact information is you are ever interested in interviewing.
    Best Regards,
    Pamela Kratochvil-Rodriguez

  2. Thanks for this information!!

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