Quick, Delicious and Reasonably Priced Describe the Takeout Food at Palisades Garden Cafe

Palisades Garden Cafe Owner James Kwon supported resident Francisca Chase, when she wanted to put a bottle recycling container “Bottles for Babies” outside his cafe.

From Holiday Ho!Ho!Ho! and the Fourth of July VIP buffet to the Woman’s Club’s birthday luncheon for the town’s 90 year olds, Palisades Garden Café owner James Kwon is always generous with his donated food.

He also supports PPBA Little League, the Chamber of Commerce and local schools with takeout from his popular kitchen.

As CTN’s Bob Vickrey wrote in a February 2019 column:

“My favorite breakfast spot these days is the somewhat under-appreciated Palisades Garden Café which is down the street from the post office on La Cruz. Their food is terrific and comes at throwback diner prices. The employees are friendly there and the place runs efficiently under the supervision of personable owner James Kwon.”

The reasonably priced food includes favorites such as the breakfast burritos ($9.25), which include lettuce and tomato (a healthy twist), a chicken ciabatta pesto sandwich with cranberry ($8.95), omelets and chocolate-chip pancakes (along with donuts and Danish). There are a variety of hamburgers ($6.75), bacon avocado cheeseburgers ($9.50) and a grilled chicken burger with avocado ($9.50). Don’t forget a large fries ($5.25) or sweet potato fries ($6.75).

People also enjoy the wraps, salads, grilled veggies ($4.95) and chili ($3.95). And, in addition to smoothies, slushes and Italian soda, this might be the only place in town to get horchata and boba.

One person wrote on Yelp: “One week I decided to try the onion rings. That was a HUGE mistake. Now I eat those weekly too because they are Soooooo Goooood. Super crispy breading cooked to order for maximum crunch. I like a blend of mustard, ketchup and siracha to dunk in but they serve a tasty ranch dressing too.

“Trying to go carb-less one week, I had a Garden Cafe Salad with the tuna. Same great tuna salad in a bowl of greens, lots of veggies and a whole half of avocado! Wow. I had a balsamic vinegrette which was zingy enough. Also served with fried won ton strips, so much for carb- less. An excellent salad!”

Kwon has given back to the town for many years; let’s all help keep him in business during the coronavirus crisis. (Visit: paligardencafe.com. Call (310) 459-6160 for hours and to order.)

The Garden Cafe on La Cruz is open for take-out.

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2 Responses to Quick, Delicious and Reasonably Priced Describe the Takeout Food at Palisades Garden Cafe

  1. Bev Lowe says:

    We have been going there regularlysince it changed hands decades ago. Palisades Garden Cafe is one of the few options left for a simply delicious and reasonably priced meal.

  2. Ruben Rodriguez says:

    A group of us (6) meet there regularly for breakfast most Saturday Mornings. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to it and how much I miss it.
    Great food, great prices.
    Please support James and his staff in these trying times.

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