Proposed Community Improvements for Pacific Palisades and Movie Fun!

There are posted signs at the Rustic Canyon Rec Center. There are no signs at the Palisades Rec Center.


One resident wrote “There are three large signs listing park hours at the Rustic Canyon Park: two on gates and one immediately posted inside the parking lot, which includes a notice about no loitering. There are no such signs at the Palisades Recreation Center.”

Why are these signs important? Los Angeles Police Department foot patrol has told residents on many occasions they cannot cite anyone for trespass or loitering in the park past closure if signs are not posted.

The resident asked why the Community Council wants to raise $1.5 million to put in cameras and asks, “Why not try this simple, cost-effective solution?”


A resident suggested expanding the right-hand turn lane. at PCH and Temescal.

A reader said, “We have been driving PCH for 40 years. Here are a few suggestions:  At Westbound PCH approaching Temescal Boulevard, the right-turn only lane should be extended to the maximum length that spaces allows.

It would need to be well posted” RIGHT TURN ONLY” all along the turning lane.  This will do two things: allow Pacific Palisades residents to return home with less wasted time, waiting in a line of cars. That will also aid in north-bound traffic.

The other frustrating item for years has been the nonsense of not having the same timing for the three traffic lights at Las Flores and PCH in Malibu.

(Editor’s note: At the bottom of Temescal Canyon Road, only two lanes are allowed to turn left onto PCH, even though there are three lanes at PCH at the intersection. Motorists ignore the signs and routinely turn from a third lane. Caltrans has repeatedly been asked to update that intersection that often backs half-way up Temescal Canyon.)

Cars are backed up Temescal Canyon in the morning and afternoon when Palisades High School dismisses. Cars from three lanes should be allowed to turn left on PCH.


In March, Bay Theater on Swarthmore is running hits from 1974. What happened in 1974? Some may remember the Rumble in the Jungle, Nixon’s resignation and Stephen King’s first novel but it was also a great year at the movies. From March 1-28, the Bay is proud to present Milestone Movies: The Anniversary Collection – 1974, a month-long selection of classics to revisit, or discover for the first time – a different film playing each week.

Chinatown played from March 1 through March 7.

Badlands, with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek, directed by Terrence Malick runs from Friday, March 8 to Thursday, March 14. In 1959, a lot of people were killing time. Kit and Holly were killing people. The story of two young lovers who will do anything to be together … even commit murder in South Dakota. Twenty-five-year-old garbage man Kit Carruthers (Sheen), who idolizes James Dean, falls in love with 15-year-old Holly Sargis (Spacek). But when Holly’s brutal father forbids their relationship, Kit kills the man, and the young lovers become fugitives in this story based on true events. This is Director Terrence Malick’s (The Thin Red Line, Days of Heaven) theatrical film debut.

Blazing Saddles will run from March 15 to 21. This movie is ribald, tasteless and hilarious … this classic spoof of the Western genre by director Mel Brooks pokes fun at everyone and everything. A corrupt governor grants a reprieve to an African American convict if the condemned man agrees to serve as sheriff of a small Western town, believing that new sheriff will only live long enough to serve the needs of the governor and his nefarious railroad-baron backer. Academy Award nominations for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Madeline Kahn); Best Music, Original Song; and Best Film Editing.

California Split will run from March 22 to 28. The story is about Bill Denny (George Segal) and Charlie Walters (Elliott Gould), who are two compulsive gamblers with nothing in common except incredibly bad luck. But after a chance meeting at an LA card parlor, these two losers find that together, they make an unbeatable team. Embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime winning streak, Bill and Charlie bet their way from the tacky racetracks and bars of Los Angeles to the plush casino tables of Reno, where they end up staking their good fortune on a “friendly” little game of poker with the legendary world champion, Amarillo Slim. A high-rolling comedy about two friends with an uncontrollable urge to score.

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