Prom, a Rite of Passage, Celebrated at PaliHi

Everyone dressed for the theme of this year’s prom: Met Gala.


7:30 PM, Union Station, May 18. A thudding bass can be heard reverberating from the west entrance to the station, coupled with flashing lights muted by the frosted glass on the windows.

A sign is hung next to the entrance: WELCOME PALI CLASS OF 2024 TO SENIOR PROM!

As one walks up to the building, students can be seen arriving in ways more extravagant than thought necessary for a high school prom: highlights included a Hummer converted into a limo, a SUV covered in roses, and a Tesla Cybertruck flanked by 6 Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

This year’s theme for Palisades High School’s prom was the Met Gala, and inspired by the Met Gala outfits of this year, several students brought their A game. From massive flowing dresses to tight red suits, students were generally dressed to the nines.

The unanimous “best dressed” student, according to the attending students, was Orlando Ecung, who came in a monogrammed black suit with a red undershirt and silk red tie. Orlando appreciated the crowd’s support of him and his date.

Orlando Ecung was considered the best dressed student with his black suit and red shirt.

The inside of Union Station was decorated like the Met Gala as well, featuring shining lights, lace tablecloths, and an outer garden area with soft lighting. The dance floor had a constant light show, where students danced along to the hottest songs of the year. Kendrick Lamar’s smash hit “Not Like Us” was a staple, causing students to sing along whenever it played.

Food and drink was provided to all attendees, with a menu of chicken, pasta, and steamed vegetables. The food was not very popular. “It’s hot in some places and cold in others. This sucks,” one student complained. “But I didn’t come here for the food, so I don’t really care.”

PaliHi’s prom King and Queen were announced at 9:30 p.m. Taking the nearly mythical Quadruple Crown, having been voted Homecoming Duke, then Prince, then King this year, he finished it off by being Prom King this year too—the ever-popular Jack Hesse accepted the crown.

The honor of Queen went to Bria Green, who also won Homecoming Queen this year. After numerous hugs, the crowd let them go to the center of the floor and the King and Queen danced together. When asked about his big win, Hesse replied coolly “It just feels the same as all the other times… No, I’m kidding. I have no idea how I won again. I’m eternally grateful.”

Prom King Jack Hesse and Queen Bria Green danced.

Prom ended at 11p.m., at which point students either dispersed to their homes or after-prom parties. “Prom was great, but you know what it was missing? A little drinking, if you know what I mean!” one student shouted as she and several others entered a “party bus.”

Another student shook his head as he entered his car. “I got ditched by my date tonight. I’m just gonna go to bed.”

High school prom is a special event, one that you only get one chance to experience. While I, personally, was on the fence about going at first, I am ultimately glad that I went. I’ll treasure the memories I had with my friends that night. Although maybe not the food.

Couples dressed to the theme “Met Gala.”

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