Pop-Up Shop in Palisades Village

Monrow is located in the alley between Swarthmore and Monument.

Monrow Building Needs Permit

A new small shop/shed went up in Palisades Village off the alley between Swarthmore Avenue and Monument. The space, which is in the back of an empty storefront on Sunset, had been used for excess landscaping materials.

A resident contacted Circling the News and said he had spoken to a workman on Friday, March 29 and was told that no building permit was needed because it was a pop-up shop. Located across from the concierge desk and the escalator to parking, Monrow, a clothing store, opened this past weekend.

The resident was convinced a permit was needed, so CTN contacted L.A. Building & Safety Public Information Officer Jeff Napier.

Napier sent an inspector to the site on April 3 and followed up with an email to CTN: “The inspector went by the site today and determined that no permit was issued, and one is required for the ‘pop-up store.’

“We will be issuing an order to the ownership to obtain the required permits and inspection approvals or remove the structure.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”


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  1. Tricia Robin says:

    I was in there yesterday. The woman inside was very pleasant. They had some women’s sweat clothes and tees which were very nice. She said everything is made in Los Angeles and that the store would be there for two months.

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