Pickleball Social Planned for Sunday

Rally, which has a pickleball clothing line, is sponsoring a “Pickle Social” Sunday.

There is a pickleball social planned from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on April 28, 15305 Sunset Boulevard, in the U.S. Bank parking lot. The event is hosted by Rally Club.

If you’re always wanted to try the sport, there will be lessons, and for those who are already aficionados there will be games.

The event is free. There will be a margarita bar. Pizza will be served by Flour, the local pizzeria, located on Via de la Paz. There will be a raffle and music.

If one cannot make the event, Paliskates is selling Rally Club clothing and accessories in the store. Organizer Jewlz Fahn said the event “is for everyone and intended to bring the community together. It is also a chance to introduce Rally Club and Paliskates working together.”

Paliskates now carries the Rally line.

Rally Clothing started because, as Palisadian Jewlz Fahn confessed to CTN for a July 2023 story, “I’m completely obsessed about pickleball.”

She partnered with Jonny Saven and Stephen Soller to introduce a pickleball clothing line that can be worn on and off the court.

Soller and Saven are both in the fashion industry and Soller was trying to convince Saven to go hiking.

Saven told his friend he couldn’t because he had hurt his back.

“Between your back and everyone playing pickleball there’s no hiking,” said Soller, who added “Maybe we should create a pickleball line because of all the hype.”

It was the beginning of the Rally Club.

The event is sponsored by Bundstone, Robin Terman Jewelry, Jamie Geller Jewelry, the Hydration Room, DELIzioso Cinque Terre West, Paliskates, Porta Via, Toppings, This Girl Walks into a Bar, Loomey’s Toy Boutique, BOCA, WOW Bakes, David Tishbi, Flour and Café Vida.

For more information about Rally, which on its website writes: “Dear Player, We believe that pickles are yummy and that pickleball will rule the world. . . .”visit: Rallyclub.net

The Rally line can now be purchased at Paliskates on Swarthmore.


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