Parents in L.A. Public Schools Are Urged to Join a ZOOM Walkout Monday

Parents at LAUSD Schools, such as Palisades Elementary, are urged to participate in a Zoom walkout starting on Monday.

LAUSD school parents are urged to protest by not attending Zoom classes, starting next Monday.

Earlier this week, L.A. County public health officials said that Covid-19 cases had dropped enough to allow elementary schools to reopen—the California requirement to allow in-person classes for students in grade K-6 had to have an adjusted case rate of less than 25 new cases per 400,000 people.

The CDC has said that schools can reopen and that teacher vaccination for those under 65 is not a necessary requirement. The Centers recommend masks, hand cleaning and disinfection, proper ventilation, and spacing of desks.

The CDC has based this advice on information from public schools that have been opened since last fall in states such as Missouri, Wyoming, Texas and even New York. High school sports are being played across the country.

“On Wednesday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health put in writing that schools are allowed to hold athletic competitions in cross-country, golf, tennis and swimming in the state’s most restrictive purple tier. And yet, nothing from LAUSD,” L.A. Times prep columnist Eric Sondheimer wrote on February 17 (“It’s Time for Sports Parents to Leave LAUSD in Droves”).

Private elementary schools in Los Angeles County have already opened. Schools have stayed open in foreign countries.

Although much lip service is given to providing education to brown and black pupils, LAUSD is continuing to stay closed. The total projected enrollment for 2020-2021 is 652,648, with the Latino population at 74 percent, white 10 percent, Black 8 percent, Asian 4 percent and Filipino, Native American and “not reported” the remainder of the population.

Now some parents have had enough and are spreading the message: “LAUSD ZOOM BLACKOUT–Starting Monday, February 22 for as many days as it takes! Enough is enough! We can no longer sit by and wait for UTLA to come up with more excuses to keep our schools closed.”

The notice, being spread from parent to parent, by email and texts, tells parents that instead of signing on to ZOOM, they should walk with their kids in front of their school. A parent sent a copy of the text to Circling the News on February 18.


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2 Responses to Parents in L.A. Public Schools Are Urged to Join a ZOOM Walkout Monday

  1. Susie Gilman says:

    It’s about time parents stop taking the BS that LAUSD is serving. Who’s in charge here? Clearly parents have forgotten they hold the power. Wake up, parents. Your children are at stake. We moved to a different state so our children could go to school. They’ve been in person 5 days a week since September, including playing team sports, and to date no one has died from anything, much less any virus.

  2. Gary Rubenstein says:

    Fantastic idea “LAUSD ZOOM BLACKOUT” that is long overdue – spread the word.
    Now how do we get the Mayor’s attention to start opening restaurants for indoor seating? Why is California one of the few remaining states to promote draconian lockdowns?

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