PARADE NEWS: Paws N’ Claws Grooming Salon and Boutique Sponsors ‘Patriotic Pups’ Brigade

The team from Paws N’ Claws will groom your pup. They’ve been in business since 2001.

(Editor’s note: Going through our parade files, we came across an article that quoted Barbara Buck-Marting, owner of Paws N’Claws on Marquez Avenue: “My introduction to the parade was years ago, when I first put the twins, Laurie and Leslie, in the stroller and walked to town to entertain them. I still remember that day and how the marching bands, music, crowds and picnic atmosphere brought tears to my eyes. That was 30 years ago, and I have attended ever since. I feel honored to live in this wonderful town and serve the community as a business merchant.”) 

Barbara Buck and Henry Marting, who have lived in Pacific Palisades since 1969, bought their dog grooming salon in 2001 and promptly began sponsoring the Patriotic Pups brigade in the parade, a tradition they have continued.

Daughter Leslie (one of the twins) is now a groomer and has taken over that portion of the business while Barbara (and Henry) continue to manage the pet boutique, from behind the scenes.

A third generation is now involved in the family business with Leslie’s daughter, Devyn Delgado, working as a bather.

With Covid-19 impacting large and small businesses alike, “last year was awful,” Leslie said. “But we’ve survived.”

When a dog is taken in for grooming, they are washed and dried, have their nails done, ears and anal glands cleaned, and teeth brushed.

“Custom haircuts are available,” Leslie said. “Grooming dogs is a challenge, and patience and energy are definitely required.”

One customer wrote on Yelp: “I feel lucky to have Leslie to bring my little guy to. As a rescue dog he was scared of the process, but she was gentle and now he looks at it as his ‘spa day.’ I’ve taken him to other places but have found for the money she is the only one I will trust my pup with.”

Another popular offering is the non-anesthesia dental cleaning the store offers once a month. A mobile van with a vet on board gives a free health wellness exam prior to cleaning, and then dogs can have their teeth scaled and cleaned.

Paws N’ Claws also supports several local animal shelters, including the West L.A. Animal Shelter. From time to time, a drive is held, which allows residents to drop off needed items, such as blankets and dog beds, at the front of the shop. Volunteers then deliver to the shelters.

The boutique will once again offer various patriotic dog clothing as well as booties for dogs that prefer footwear while walking on hot pavement in the parade.

When Barbara was asked about the store’s long-term sponsorship of Patriotic Pups, she said, “For me it’s the high point of the year.”

This year the twins, Laurie and Leslie, will carry the banner for the parade entry. In addition, Leslie will be walking with Gucci, a Chihuahua.

Paws N’ Claws Grooming Salon and Boutique is located at 16634 Marquez Ave. and offers bathing and grooming services. Contact: 310-459-2009 or visit

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  1. Leslie Campbell says:

    ALL HAIL LESLIE and PAWS & CLAWS!!! And the return of the Pali Parade…WAG!

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