Palisades Woman’s Club Gives Back

Helping to craft a quilt for the first baby of the year born in Pacific Palisades were Fay Vahdani, Kimberly Giancola and Robin Weitz.

First Baby Quilt Crafted by Club Members

In December, members of the Woman’s Club crafted a quilt for the First Baby of the Year born in Pacific Palisades.

“We wanted it green and blue to represent the hills, skies and oceans surrounding Pacific Palisades,” said club president Robin Weitz.

Susanne Cole, of Sewing Arts in Santa Monica, donated the material pieces, and “members with sewing machines and ironing boards came and started working,” Weitz said.

After the women got a good start on the project, member Kimberly Giancola took it home and sewed the quilt together.

“Fay [Vahdani of Luxe Home Care] embroidered the lower corner,” said Weitz, who also praised other participants, including Joanna Curtis, Nancy Niles, Mely Parmelee, Claudia Naggiar, Mary Martin, Gina Jakel, Giancola and Vahdani.


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2 Responses to Palisades Woman’s Club Gives Back

  1. Nina Kidd says:

    What a fun project, and beautiful result!
    Sewing Arts is a great resource. I recommend it, especially for your first quilt!

  2. Eileen says:

    Beautifully done! Lucky baby!

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