Palisades Saturday Morning Happenings

The Dolphin was discovered pulled off its base in front of Palisades Elementary School.

Dolphin Pulled off Its Base

Early Saturday morning, January 19, it was discovered that the small dolphin statue in front of Palisades Elementary had been pushed off its base.

It was reported to Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore. But Moore, and all Los Angeles police senior lead officers, have been reassigned to school duty for the duration of the UTLA teachers strike, which is still ongoing.

Several years earlier a dolphin stature had been stolen for the metal value from the school.

This time the statue was left lying by the base. If anyone has any information about why the statue was knocked over or who is responsible, please call Principal Gary Saunders (310) 454-3700.


YMCA Youth Leave for Sacramento

Two large buses left from the Palisades-Malibu YMCA Saturday morning.

Two buses filled with students left Pacific Palisades Saturday morning to travel to Sacramento to participate in the state-wide YMCA Youth and Government program.

The program operates under the slogan, “Democracy Must Be Learned by Every Generation.”

In 2012, only 11 students–all of them girls–participated in the model legislature and court program in Pacific Palisades, but on Saturday 165 students traveled to the California State Capital.

Students take over the Capitol and state court house. They pass bills and debate possible legislature. Those in the court, argue and hear cases.

The program was founded in the mid-1930s by Clement “Pete” Duran, an Albany, New York YMCA director, who wanted to find a way for youth to become active participants in government. He developed a hands-on, learning-by-participation model to help youth learn how community problems are solved through the democratic process.

The six-month program was initiated in 1948 in California with support from Governor Earl Warren, and has been supported by each successive governor.

The program is open to all high school students, private and public. The cost of the six-month program per individual is $1,700 and includes travel, housing and meals. The group does fundraisers and some financial assistance is available.

YMCA Executive Director Jim Kirtley said “The YMCA Youth & Government program changes these teens’ lives in an enormously positive way. The butterfly effect from the impact of this program is more than I could possibly list.”

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