Palisades Holiday Tradition to Continue!

Santa will visit Pacific Palisades, continuing a more than 60-year tradition.

The Grinch Can’t Steal a Palisades Tradition

In Dr. Seuss’ book, “The Grinch that Stole Christmas,” the meaning is clear that the holiday is not about crass commercialism, but rather about community and tradition.

After successfully taking away the Whos’ traditions, which includes gifts and feasting, the Grinch waits for the sobs of the villagers.

Instead, the Whos join hands and sing, “Welcome Christmas/While we stand/Heart to heart/And hand in hand.”

Thanks to the good people of Pacific Palisades, the spirit of community and the holiday season will extend into its seventh decade as a group of residents has taken on the challenge of organizing the annual Holiday Ho!Ho!Ho!, dubbing it the Holiday Hullabaloo.

The festivities will be held on Saturday, December 1 (times to be announced) at the Woman’s Club on Haverford. Everyone is invited; there’s no admission fee.
The homespun Ho!Ho!Ho! was abandoned this year by the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce, without advance warning, in favor of a “stroll” by shoppers into participating stores in the business district on November 30.

Palisadians knew that Santa Claus always took time out from his busy North Pole workshop to fly to Pacific Palisades with Mrs. Claus. They would park the reindeer on the Station 69 Firehouse roof and then ride on the hook-and-ladder truck (with Mr. and Miss Palisades) to the center of town.

Families lined up on Swarthmore to meet the mystical man, while taking selfies and snapshots with their cell phones. Residents enjoyed gathering with their friends along Swarthmore to celebrate community and enjoy music by the OomPaPa Band and choral groups plus various youth performances.

When word got out about the Chamber’s plans, and the fact that Caruso’s Palisades Village would be charging a minimum of $45 for kids to pose with its Santa Claus, resident Lisa Glantz went into action, starting with a posting on Nextdoor Palisades. After holding a meeting with volunteers who quickly stepped forward to organize Holiday Hullabaloo, she wrote this week:

“We are attempting to continue the [Ho!Ho!Ho!] tradition at the Woman’s Club on December 1, because neighbors recently discovered the tradition was being discontinued. People have rushed to come together with very short notice to have tradition carry on. Let’s get busy! Many neighbors stepping up. Next year we will start planning in October.”

She thanked the Woman’s Club “for their community spirit helping this remain a community-inspired event.”

Santa will be arriving on the fire truck (no appointments necessary) and Ivy Greene is organizing a bake sale with proceeds going to help those displaced by the fires. A silent auction is being put together.

Heather Lyle is organizing the entertainment. “All schools as well as temples and churches are being emailed an invite to perform,” Glantz wrote. Early commitments include the PaliHi Choir, Fancy Feet Dance Studio, Palisades Music School and Gerry Blanck’s Martial Arts.

Pamela Finck is sponsoring a face-painting booth and Trevor S. is donating use of a photo booth for people to enjoy candid shots with friends and family. He will also provide a professional karaoke setup with lyrics for a holiday singalong by the entire crowd.

Barbara Edelman is leading the toy drive that Vittorio’s restaurant has started, collecting holiday toys for children who are victims of the fires. Diane Bleak is sponsoring a balloon man who will make balloon animals for the kids, and Palisades Garden Cafe will provide hot chocolate for all.

“The response has been incredible,” said Glantz. The consensus is unanimous–tradition continues–Holiday Hullabaloo 2018! Community coming together for a happy, peaceful, homespun loving holiday.”

The Chamber executive board said it wanted to do away with the traditional Ho!Ho!Ho! and try something different. Or maybe it was also because Caruso’s Palisades Village has a November 25 event, which includes a tree lighting, a performance by Disney’s DCappella, snow and Santa’s arrival.

The event is free, but the website notes that there will be security screenings at all entry points. Additionally, there is a long list of forbidden items that include weapons, umbrellas, cans, Thermoses and glass bottles, beverage containers alcoholic beverages, backpacks, selfie sticks, banners, wrapped packages and professional photographic equipment. One-liter or smaller non-alcoholic beverages with an unbroken seal will be allowed.

Once Santa arrives at Carusoville, he stays through December 24 in his little house by the tree. Appointments can be made in 10-minute increments and a professional photographer will be on hand, at a minimum cost of $45.

Pacific Palisades residents, just like the Whos, are gathering to keep a 60+ year tradition alive.


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13 Responses to Palisades Holiday Tradition to Continue!

  1. This is wonderful news! Thanks to Lisa Glantz for taking the reindeer by the horns to make certain our community tradition continues unspoiled by any Grinch!

  2. Cathy Warren says:

    Fantastic! So happy to see the community pull together to preserve a wonderful tradition. Lisa Glantz has earned her angel wings!!!

  3. Marge Gold says:

    This grassroots effort by community members is the Palisades I am proud of!! I hope everyone comes out on December 1 to support the Woman’s Club boutique and to be part of the new tradition, Holiday Hullabaloo.

  4. Paige Kamin says:

    It’s a Palisades Christmas miracle! Thank you Lisa Glantz and all the people who stepped up. I for one can’t wait to see that sweet Mrs Claus! I want to ask her what she is up to off season. ?

  5. Betsy Collins says:

    Thank you SO much for organizing another “ tradition” that we can get behind. This is truly what the Palisades is all about. We willl be there!

  6. Jackie Berman says:

    As a 44-year resident, I am thrilled to see a long-held tradition continue. Thank you Lisa Glantz and all the other “elves” who are making this happen.

  7. Rena Repetti says:

    On this Thanksgiving morning I am reminded of my great fortune to be a part of this wonderful community. Many thanks to leaders like Lisa Glanz, the Pacific Palisades Women’s Club, Heather Lyle, Pamela Finck, Trevor S, Barbara Edelman, Diane Bleak, Sue Pascoe and ALL the organizations, businesses, and individuals who are keeping the Palisades spirit alive!

  8. Sandy says:

    Warms my heart to see the community coming together! Truly what the holiday season is all about. We know everyone is so busy this time of year. For this group of people to come together to organize this event is magical! And thanks to the Woman’s Club for your generosity, welcoming this event to coincide with your boutique. WOW! See you on the 1st.

  9. Patty Dobrowitsky says:

    Thank you to Sue Pascoe, our reporter, for letting us know
    about the Chamber if Commerce’s decision.
    Hopefully they will reorganize and support
    the whole neighborhood, not just the

  10. Phyllis Trager says:

    Oh Sue!! THANK YOU!! As a 56 year resident of Pacific Palisades I’ve had a tough time dealing with this new (but beautiful) “city” plunked into our town. Many of us have. But the crowning blow was the discontinuation of HoHoHo!!! A huge Gratitude Hug to all who are taking back our true Town Traditions!! YOU BET I’ll be there!! With bells on if I can find them!!!! Phyllis TragerPhyllis Trager

  11. Kathleen Jensen says:

    Hi Sue, Great article! Is it possible to edit it with the revised date of Dec 8th? I’m looking forward to seeing Mrs. Claus make an appearance with Santa too!

  12. SIGRID HOFER says:

    Thank you to all the good people who are getting the real Santa back into town.
    We have lived and enjoyed our small town life here for 58 years and were shocked at all the drastic changes. It looks like that there is much more coming our way.
    We SO need a local paper, I would gladly subscribe to it!

  13. The community-based Holiday Hullabaloo is set for Saturday, Dec. 8 from 2-5 p.m. at the Palisades Recreation Center. Along with face painting, balloons, a planned bake sale and so much more, families and friends can take free photos of their little ones with Santa. Since this event lasts only three hours, Santa says “don’t be late!”

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