Palisades Forestry Committee Announces First Tree Planting

Hartzell Street parkway has large sections where there are no trees. That will change on March 24.

The Palisades Forestry Committee (PFC) will plant 13 street trees on Thursday, March 24, in designated treeless spaces in the parkway along Hartzell Street, between Sunset and Bestor Boulevards.

Two species (Mondell Pine and Arbutus ‘Marina’) have been approved by L.A. City’s Urban Forestry Division for the parkway. Individual homeowners have pledged to water their tree regularly for at least three years, until the tree’s roots are established.

City Plants, a program supported by the L.A. Department of Water and Power, has arranged for L.A. Conservation Corps to do the actual planting starting at 9 a.m. The trees will be free and are planted at no cost to the homeowner.

“I am very excited to celebrate the planting of trees along Hartzell, which was the first test street for the committee in establishing a community outreach plan,” said Cindy Wilkinson Kirven, Chair of the PFC. “One of the many charming benefits of residing in Pacific Palisades is having the ability to live and walk along tree-lined streets. For me, trees have magical powers in cleaning our air, boosting our mental health, providing vital habitat for our feathered and furry neighbors, and providing cooling shade.

“I am very grateful for the neighbors who sign up to receive and care for these free street trees provided by the City, as well as for the volunteers at PFC and PPCC who facilitate the community outreach,” Kirven said.

After Hartzell, the PFC, a committee of the Pacific Palisades Community Council, will facilitate a planting day along Via de la Paz (from Bestor to Via de las Olas), where homeowners can also receive a free tree.

PFC will soon be canvasing the Via de la Paz neighbors, knocking on doors to explain the program and encourage signups.

As part of the town’s Centennial celebration this year, the committee hopes to plant “100 Trees for 100 Years,” in residential neighborhoods, the Palisades Rec Center park and other parks in Pacific Palisades.

The first of these trees, a Coast Live Oak, was planted on Founders Oak Island on January 14, the town’s official birthday, in conjunction with the Historical Society.

This volunteer committee is also working with the Department of Recreation & Parks (RAP) and tree donors (including PPCC) to facilitate the planting of new trees at the Palisades Recreation Center.

To receive a tree, receive more information or to volunteer, email:

(Editor’s note: the Forestry committee was first formed in 2019, under the late PPCC President George Wolfberg’s leadership.)

Randy Young holds the Oak Tree, while Barbara Kohn throws in the first shovel of dirt. Looking on is Ed Lowe. The oak was the first of 100 trees to be planted this year.

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