Palisades Fire Cause Is Listed as Undetermined

The apartment building on Sunset caught fire in October. Thanks to the quick action of an ADT security guard, the fire was put in quickly.

Sunset Resident Calls Security Guard a Hero

Residents living the apartment building at 15757 Sunset Boulevard are calling ADT Security Guard R. Linthicum a hero.

The 18-unit building (built in 1958) is nestled into the hillside below Palisades Presbyterian Church and next to Temescal Gateway Park.

Linthicum was driving by the building at 3:30 a.m. one night in October when he spotted a plume of smoke coming from the building. He called 911, then got out of his car and knocked on all of the units, alerting everyone about the fire in the building.

A resident was asked if ADT patrols that property. “We don’t have a security company and he didn’t have to stop, but he did and got everyone out,” the resident said.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department report: “Pacific Palisades: 28 Firefighters extinguished an attic fire in just 30 minutes at a two-story apartment building built over garages. The coordinated fire attack and ventilation kept the fire from spreading and the flames were extinguished with no reported injuries.” Firefighters from Station 69, 23 and 63 responded to the alarm on October 22.

The cause of the fire was initially listed as electrical or arson. Residents reported seeing someone around the building earlier in the evening.

Circling the News contacted LAFD on December 2 to see if a determination had been made. On December 7, LAFD responded “The LAFD, Arson Section/Custodian of Records have stated that the cause of this incident is undetermined.

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