Pali’s Class of Summer ’64 Holds a Nostalgia-Rich Reunion

Palisades High School 1964 Senior Class President Konni Pederson and Clark Kent (Stewart Slavin) served as an emcees for the reunion. Classmates recalled their memories of PaliHi.
Photo: Linda White Halvorsen

Classmates enjoyed the beautiful sunset, during their cruise.
Photo: Wendy Anderson

The Palisades High School Class of Summer 1964 held its 55-year reunion Sunday evening aboard the Regent Sea yacht in Marina del Rey on a spectacular full-moon night amid the stars and shimmering harbor waters.

With a theme of “Remember When,” hosts Konni Pederson, Corky Phillips and Stewart Slavin led 80 classmates and their guests on a trip down memory lane with some classmates flying in for the event from the East Coast and Hawaii.

Slavin, former editor of the PaliHi Tideline and a foreign correspondent for United Press International, dressed up as Clark Kent complete with trench coat, fedora and press sticker, and called classmates to the podium to recall stories of their school years.

One of the highlights of the reunion was the appearance of former Palisades High physiology teacher Annette Herbst Orton, also a pilot and triathlete, whose hot poppy-red Mustang was the coolest car in the teachers’ parking lot in 1964.

Classmate Rich Wilken, a civic and church leader in the Palisades, provided a slide show of campus life at Palisades High back when the Spartans class had the distinction of being the first to go all the way through Pali.

Teacher Annette Herbst Orton attended the reunion and chats with former student Donna Dearborn.
Photo Annette Sheely

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  1. Nolen Knickerbocker says:

    looks like you all had a great time…see you at the next one. rocky

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