PaliHi Physics Teacher David Schalek Renews National Board Certification


Palisades High School physics teacher David Schalek has just been recertified by the National Board and is one of only 4,786 physics teachers nationwide to do so.

He is one of only 122,000 teachers (in all subjects) in the United States – less than three percent to achieve this status. This is the highest professional certification a teacher can earn.

Peggy Brookins, NBCT (National Board Certified Teacher), President and CEO of The National Board, noted that research shows that these teachers have a significant impact on student learning. “The future becomes brighter as we all work towards an accomplished teacher for every student, in every classroom, across the country,” she said. “Today’s announcement is cause for celebration because thousands more teachers have shown that they teach to the highest standards in the profession.”

National Board Certification (NBC) is a voluntary, advanced teaching credential that goes beyond state licensing. Teacher certification is done on a state-by-state system, but NBC, which was founded in 1987, is accepted by many states as a state licensure.

As one story in “National Board Certification: Why, How to Get It” stated, teachers that obtain certification, are “teaching rock stars and are approved to teach in multiple states.”

To receive this certification, a teacher must have taught more than three years and have a bachelor’s degree. It costs about $2,000 to apply and completing the certification process may take from one to five years.

Teachers applying must demonstrate proficiency in four areas: knowledge, differentiated instruction, teaching practice and learning environment.

Teachers must supply two video entries of actual teaching practice, one in-depth examination of student work samples, and documented accomplishments where candidates provide evidence of work with families and the community, work as a learner, and work as a collaborator and/or leader.

Additionally, teachers must take a lengthy written exam on his/her subject.

Schalek has been teaching physics and astronomy at Palisades Charter High School since 1996 and earned his initial National Board Certification in 2000. This is the second time that he has renewed his certification.

“The renewal process is a rigorous re-examination of my teaching practice. The process allows me to ensure that I continue to teach to the best of my abilities,” Schalek said.




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