PaliHi Looking for a Community Member for the Board


Palisades High School is looking for a community member to sit on its board of trustees.

Palisades Charter High School is looking for a community member that would like to make a difference at the school, by running for a seat on the PCHS Board of Trustees click here.

As an independent charter school, Palisades has its own Board of Trustees. The Board is composed of elected representatives of each of PCHS’ stakeholder groups.

The Board approves all major educational and operational policies and major contracts. Trustees approve the annual budget and oversees fiscal management, and selecting, hiring, evaluating, and when necessary, replacing top administrators and managers.

A monthly meeting is typically held on the third Tuesday of every month (start times vary). Special Board of Trustee meetings are held when necessary. All agendas and meeting materials are posted on the PCHS website in the time frame mandated by the Brown Act (72 hours for Regular and 24 hours for Special Board Meetings).

Public comment is welcomed at the meetings and the public is encouraged to attend board meetings.

A person running for a community seat: 1) is not and will not become the parent of a PCHS student for the entire term of the seat. 2) The applicant lives in the communities served by PCHS at the time of the election. (Candidates must give an address to verify qualification.) 3) You are not a PCHS “interested party” (meaning you have not been compensated by the school in any way in contractor andths – whether as an employee or independent contractor and are not a direct descendant of anyone compensated within 12 months) and Pursuant to Charter and Corporations Code Section 5227. 4) PCHS prefers that community candidates have experience and expertise in areas that include: education, law, finance, and/or fundraising.

Applications are due by 3 p.m. on March 13 and should be sent to Karen Cox at

Please reach out to the Election Committee Chair, David Pickard IV, with questions or concerns.

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