Overflowing Trash in City Park Concerns Residents


The editor of Circling the News walked the perimeter of the baseball fields, Field of Dreams, at the Palisades Recreation Center on Monday morning.

The trash bins were overflowing and there was trash littered around the field. In the musings that were sent to subscribers, CTN showed a photo and asked if there was a way to clean it up. Rats are a problem in the Palisades and in its canyons. By not cleaning up, vermin are encouraged in the park.

The response from readers was immediate:

*Thanks for posting. On Sunday, a homeless guy was digging through all the trash bins.

*Adding more or larger containers seems logical, no?

*Put out more trash cans and maybe pick up evenings.

*How about some recycling bins at the park so the kids can recycle. (Editor’s note: City parks don’t recycle plastic or cans. Would this be a good project for Resilient Palisades to work with the City to recycle in its parks and on its streets?)

*A lot of food goes to waste, so compostable city bins would be good for leftover food.

*PPBA teams need to do better. Trash cans regularly overflow at ballgames.  Trash attracts rats.  It’s not hard to bring more than one large black lawn bags for all the food trash that overflows the park trash cans.  Do better and take care of our park. This is a regular occurrence at the park from the ball teams, and it’s disgraceful and unacceptable.

Several people sent photos of the trash that was still in the park on Monday. Two are posted with this story.

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