Viewpoint: Out of Work, Again

Backyard vegetables that would have been sold at the farmers market, but was eaten by mistake.

New Beginnings: New Jobs

After working at the Palisades News for about four and half years (and the Palisadian-Post eight years before that), I have been touched and feel deeply supported by the number of people in the community that have expressed concern about my unemployment. Those people know how much I love writing and how strongly I feel about the organizations in town.

On so many levels Pacific Palisades is a community of deeply caring individuals, and I thank you all for your ongoing support.

There are the  general platitudes to help one through the unexpected, such as “When one door closes, another opens” (but what if the opening door is a closet?) or “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” (glad I’m getting all of these failures out of the way while I can still chew my own food) or “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” ( leave it to Dr. Seuss to say that) or “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth. . .not going all the way, and not starting” (Maybe I shouldn’t use Waze for road advice).

I am now optimistic that I will have a new career at the Farmer’s Market. As evidenced from the three peas and five tomatoes I am holding, I plan to set up a produce table on Sunday at the high school. I can attest to the fact that the produce is organically grown, and fair labor practices were employed—I picked them myself and filled out a W9. The quality is good—seeds were purchased at Norris Hardware in the spring.

Because I grow in such limited quantities, I was going to charge $1 a pea pod and $2 for each tomato, but unfortunately, they were eaten last night. My son, who polished off the last tomato said, “These really taste good.” My farmers market table may have to be put hold for another week.

Thank you to all the people who were/are worried about me—you are absolutely the best!! I am truly okay. Let’s live Maya Angelou’s quote, “Laugh as much as possible, always laugh. It’s the sweetest thing one can do for oneself and one’s fellow human beings.”

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6 Responses to Viewpoint: Out of Work, Again

  1. Stuart says:

    Carry On with “The Rest of Us!” somehow. I moved to Mexico!

  2. Pete Crosby says:

    We will miss your journalism, Sue!

  3. Barbara Marinacci says:

    I was so pleased to be hailed by you today at the Hike with Mike event, but shocked to learn of your ending your extraordinary editorship of Palisades News (and all the excellent reporting and commentaries that went with it).

    I didn’t know you were a great & enthusiastic grower of vegetables! That has been a lifelong passion of mine. (Farming ancestry on both sides.) When I lived in Santa Monica in the ’60s and ’70s our 3 kids often had a vegetable stand out on 12th St. (north of Montana Ave.) The neighbors loved it! After they were grown, I moved up to family vineyard property in the Santa Cruz Mtns. and lived there for 18 years. I put in a giant veg garden and an orchard with two dozen different fruit trees and vines. Picked, cooked, froze, canned, pickled, dried, fermented, jammed, etc. Then moved here in 2007. Because I can’t have my own garden anymore – all my periodic efforts to try to start a community garden here in the Palisades have failed, of course – and I must often be outdoors and have my hands in or near the soil, doing useful & needed things, I mostly focus on pulling out weeds and picking up litter … plus getting involved in various forms of environmental activism in this community. But it’s not at all equivalent to growing a great annual crop of different kinds of tomatoes. Etc.

  4. Sam L says:


    Thanks for all you have done and are doing – this website is great and is keeping Palisades information fresh! Thanks for the efforts!

    You are a true gem in this town! Huzzah to you! You, and people like Bill, keep our town advancing while documenting our history!

    Keep it up and keep circulating the news and the dream will be a reality!



  5. nancy klopper says:

    I look forward to being your customer Sue! Your optimism is to be admired. Glad you will be doing something you love. See you around the hood!! NK

  6. Pepper Edmiston says:

    Sue! It’s pure pleasure reading anything you write and I look forward to enjoying your humor and astute observations for as long as we are each able to 1)think, 2)write and 3)read. And, happy to pay per word! Warmly, Pepper

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