Obsessed Provide Unique Gems, Stones and Jewelry

Obsessed owners Michelle Good (left) and Amy Russo in their Sunset store.


If you are in the mood for some “eye candy” visit Amy Russo and Michelle Good’s jewelry store, Obsessed, located on Sunset, near Wells Fargo and next to Naturella Beauty Center.

In addition to the unique jewelry, there is a jar of wrapped sweets on a table as you enter.

“It’s always been our thing,” said Russo and Good about the full candy jar outside their store, which opened last March.

Appropriately named, the store is “a collection of all the things that we are obsessed with,” said Russo, who lives in Pacific Palisades. Good lives in Brentwood.

In addition to the jewelry, there are crystals and crystal wands, scented candles, soothing skincare by Lyquid-Poetry and casual-chic clothing by Malibu Road.

The two met in college, “in the dorms of University of Arizona in Tucson,” Russo said. After graduation, they both had successful careers in the television, film and commercial production industry. Russo was a producer and casting director and Good a senior production manager.

But, they set aside those careers to take care of their families.

“We began making jewelry for fun,” said Russo, who is mother to three children. Good has two.

As their kids grew, ten years ago, they found themselves getting together to make jewelry. They started small, selling their pieces at friend’s parties and pop-up events. Their business took off from there.

Ironically, Tucson, where they first met in college, is also home to the largest, oldest and most prestigious gem and mineral shows in the world. Little did Russo and Good know, that they would return years later to their Alma mater, not for homecoming or football games, but to the gem show as business partners.

They agreed to rent a space located in the Country Mart in Malibu in 2019, for one-month, that eventually turned into a four-year agreement. “We never saw ourselves in an official retail space because we knew we wanted to keep the pricing low,” Russo said

The pair made the conscious choice to break the traditional retail mold by cutting out the middleman and selling unique, beautiful, luxury items at wholesale prices, “Our jewelry pieces are designed with 14 karat gold, sterling silver, pavé set diamonds and semi-precious stones.”

But when the Malibu “rent went up, we had to move,” Russo said.  Luckily for Pacific Palisades residents, they found a space at 15224 Sunset Boulevard.

“Customers from all over come in and tell us they can feel the good energy in here,” Russo said, adding maybe it had something to do with the crystals. “The popularity of crystals is so much bigger than we ever thought.”

Crystals have been used for healing ceremonies, meditation and energy circles for centuries.

“When we moved into the Palisades, we realized there wasn’t a store selling crystals,” Russo said. “The more we learned about them, the more excited we were to have them in our store.”

In Obsessed you can purchase the raw stone or wear it. With the purchase of your crystal will receive a card explaining the qualities of your crystal.


AMETHYST: Purple hues, Amethyst one of the most divine and spiritual healing stones.

Best used for: Protection against fear and feelings of guilt, instilling calmness, alleviating anxiety, and pleasant dreams

MOON STONE: An amazing stone for new beginnings, considered an amulet for adventures of both the heart and the body. Also known for igniting inner power.

Best used for: Healing the feminine nature we all carry within us and highlights the power of clairvoyance and intuition.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Opaque white stone is all about powerful cleansing and will boost immunity.

Best used for: Useful in the treatment of migraine headaches, vertigo, or motion sickness.

If you have a significant event in your life, such as an upcoming Chakra-Reiki healing session, a wedding anniversary, or something special, like a birthday, Russo and Good will help you select the perfect gift.

“Many of our pieces have meaning behind them,” Russo said, noting that one of the signature designs is multiple layers of chains and charms.

“Whether it is a piece that has a symbol like a compass, star, moon or a crystal that has healing properties like moonstone, clear quartz or Amethyst, our clients often connect with the pieces we sell not only because they like them, but because they tell the story of something special in their lives,” Good said.

The women at Obsessed want to share their obsessions and help you find yours. Visit: https://obsessedjewelryshop.com/

Adam and Amy Jaret are looking for a special necklace to celebrate the couple’s 19th wedding anniversary. They are being helped by store owner Amy Russo (center).

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