New Owner for the Yogurt Shoppe on Swarthmore 

Christine and Adam Wolfson, new owners of the Yogurt Shoppe on Swarthmore, participated in the Chamber of Commerce Holiday Stroll on December 6.


During the Holiday Stroll sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce last Friday night, visitors who stopped in the Yogurt Shoppe on lower Swarthmore were greeted by new owners, Christine and Adam Wolfson.

The smiling couple offered strollers a choice of wine, champagne – and vanilla yogurt with espresso, while explaining that they had taken over the business on November 13 from Palisadians Kevin and Jennifer Sabin.

But, busy with the holidays, the new business and three children, the Wolfsons, who are transplants from New York, said they would sit down with Circling the News in January to discuss store plans.

In the meantime, Sabin said: “I hope the community will come in and meet the new owners, as you’ll likely find them at the shoppe on any given day.”

Since opening in February 2011, the Yogurt Shoppe (under Sabin ownership) donated about $80,000 back to the community through its “Happy Hour” fundraiser. That money has gone to local schools, sports teams, temples, and countless charities and organization. The Sabins also donated gift cards to school fundraisers and yogurt to events like the Woman’s Club annual Birthday Party for the town’s 90 year olds.

“It has truly exceeded my expectations,” Sabin said in a December 2 email to CTN, in which he acknowledged that his shops (Brentwood and Palisades) had been sold to another local family.

“Nearly a decade ago, I opened the shoppe with one goal — to create a place for our community to gather; a place to mix,” Sabin said. “I wanted to give back and offer local youth an opportunity to work and be a part of something bigger, all while offering unparalleled product quality and customer service.”

Sabin said that transferring the business was a difficult decision, but “we felt it was time to pass the torch and could not be more pleased to see the Wolfsons at the helm.

“They will do amazing things as the new owners and will continue to maintain the strong connection the Yogurt Shoppe has to our community,” said Sabin, who plans to focus on his career in commercial real estate.  For the past nine years, his store has sponsored the popular “Kids on Bikes” in the Fourth of July parade.

“It has truly been a privilege and honor to serve the community and we thank you for your dedication to the Yogurt Shoppe and the support you’ve given us over the years,” Sabin said. “My family and I will still be around, but as loyal customers and consultant to the new owners. We’re even discussing partnering up on other locations! Who knows!”

As Sabin focuses on commercial real estate, Jennifer will continue in her role as executive director and founder of Working with Autism.

Visit: or call (310) 459-0088.



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