Making Your Floors Look the Best

To have beautiful floors, you need to have a professional do the installation.
Photo: Greg Garber

When you want your hardwood floors to look spectacular, it is worth one’s time to find a consummate professional.

Fortunately for Pacific Palisades residents, one of the best companies in Los Angeles, Greg Garber Floors, is based here. Owner Greg Garber employs old world craftsmanship with modern techniques – and the results are exquisite.

Garber, who grew up in West L.A. and attended University High School, discovered his love of wood in Junior High.

“I began woodworking in shop class at Emerson and ended up winning an all-city award for the best shop student,” Garber said.

In 1977, when he was only 16, he began working with a third-generation hardwood flood contractor. “I really enjoyed the interaction with clients, and the chance to be creative, working with my hands,” said Garber, who found a career that resonated. “I got my contractor’s license and started Greg Garber Floors in 1979.”

In addition to the installation of high-end luxury hardwood and vinyl flooring, his company also does repairs, refinishing and maintenance services. The company will also clean and treat oiled floors.

Greg Garber

“I take great pride in providing personal service and great communication,” the Palisades resident said, and added that “I have worked on almost every street in the Palisades.”

He explained the advantages of hardwood floors. “They never go out of style,” he said, and “promote a healthier environment than carpeting.”

Garber told CTN that he’s had clients “hire me to remove carpet, because of allergies, and other health reasons.

“Hard surfaces are a much cleaner way to live,” he said. “Hardwood and even Luxury Vinyl are natural insulators, and much more comfortable than ceramic or stone options.”

Garber said one of the questions he receives most frequently is about floor cleaning. “The most important thing is to ensure that when the floor is damp or wet, it is thoroughly dried.

“Drying the floor eliminates any dirt that may have been loosened during mopping or wetting,” he said. “It’s best to use a cleaning solution that doesn’t require rinsing, such as Bona cleaner, diluted Pine-Sol, Mr. Clean, or vinegar. Dampen the surface, without flooding it, and then dry it vigorously.”

Garber tells people to be on the lookout for furniture damaging the floor. “Use stick-on floor protectors to save your floor from worn-out spots under chairs and other furniture.”

But what happens if you notice a discoloration? Garber said it often can be stopped. “If you notice any areas starting to wear, give us a call before the issue worsens. We can prevent the problem from escalating into a major issue.”

His customers rave about him. With 51 reviews, he’s only received 5.0 stars, the top rating. Visit:

This floor looks so beautiful, one hates to put furniture on it.
Photo: Greg Garber

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