Letters Sought to Keep Crosswalk at Chautauqua

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The Los Angeles Department of Transportation is planning to take away this crosswalk on Chautauqua at Vance Street because of safety issues.

A resident sent Circling the News a February 6, 2020 LADOT letter regarding the removal of an existing crosswalk in Pacific Palisades.

The DOT letter stated: “After some internal discussions, we have decided to remove the existing marked pedestrian crosswalk on Chautauqua Blvd at Corona Del Mar/Vance Street.

“The plan is as follows: 1. Removal of the crosswalk. Installation of “No Ped Crossing” signs at this location. 2. LADOT Survey Section will conduct a Pedestrian Survey at this location prior to removal of the crosswalk. 3. If there are a significant number of pedestrians using this crosswalk, we’ll work with our Management to install the crosswalk back with the appropriate traffic control devices. 4. If there is not enough pedestrian usage of this crosswalk, then the removal of the crosswalk will become permanent. Feel free to submit your written comments to ladot.westerndistrict@lacity.org

Lisa Cahill in Councilman Mike Bonin’s office was asked why DOT would want to remove the popular crosswalk. She replied to CTN on March 4, “In early February, LADOT received a letter from a local resident regarding safety concerns at this crosswalk.

“Once a safety issue is brought to the attention of the LADOT, then they have to investigate,” she said. “If a safety risk is determined to be present (as it was here), then they must remove the crosswalk. When we heard about this yesterday and knowing the importance of this crosswalk to the neighborhood, our office then immediately reached out to LADOT to find a better solution.

“Per our office’s call with LADOT today, we are now researching three different possible ideas to increase safety at this site: flashing warning lights, curb extensions or speed tables,” Cahill said. “If one of those is feasible, then we will move forward with that plan and the crosswalk will remain. We hope to have more information by mid-next week.  We will continue to work with LADOT to urge them to find a solution that will increase safety and allow the crosswalk to stay.”

Another reader shared a letter (below) that she had sent to DOT about keeping the crosswalk. Residents who feel strongly are urged to send a letter to ladot.westerndistrict@lacity.org.

Rudy Guevara

P.E. Transportation Engineer

LADOT Western District Office

Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Mr. Guevara,

For safety’s sake, the City must keep the crosswalk on Chautauqua Boulevard between Corona Del Mar and Vance in Pacific Palisades.

Removing it could be a costly mistake, paid for with the lives of pedestrians.

To improve safety, there could be reflective dots along the crosswalk and there could be flashing lights activated by pedestrians.

I belong to a running and walking club called the L.A. Leggers. We have hundreds of members.

We meet Saturdays in Santa Monica’s Palisades Park and kick off our weekly mileage from there. Each week is a different route. Some of our routes include crossing Chautauqua between Corona Del Mar and Vance.

Sometimes the entire club follows this route. Sometimes it’s one pace group of 20 or so. The routes are chosen weekly by each group. I don’t know if groups will be using this crosswalk specifically during the Pedestrian Survey, whenever that may be. But you should know that we do use it.

Again, it is crucial that this crosswalk remain.

Thank you,

Rosalie Huntington

Pacific Palisades

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