Let the City Know Temescal Should Be Repaved

Potholes were common on Temescal Canyon Road this winter.

Pothole Repair on Temescal Canyon Road?

After winter rains helped create potholes up and down Temescal Canyon Road, one reader wanted to know when the road would be repaved. “My car can’t take it anymore.”

As we know, Temescal is one of three main roads in and out of Pacific Palisades (the other two being Sunset and Chautauqua). Chautauqua is on a list to be repaved this month, if all goes well.

Circling the News contacted Aida Valencia, Superintendent II with the Bureau of Street Services and asked about Temescal.

Valencia responded in a March email, “Currently there is a Bureau of Engineering (BOE) sewer project which prevents us from resurfacing Temescal. . . .I spoke to William Miller from the BOE, who states the work should be completed by April. A request has been submitted to possibly add Temescal Canyon Road from Sunset Blvd. to PCH to the 20/21 program.”

I thanked Valencia and said that I would let readers know. Please contact Field Deputy Lisa Cahill in Councilman Mike Bonin’s office (310) 575-8461 or email lisa.cahill@lacity.org, and make a request about Temescal repaving, so that this project will move from a possibility to a reality.

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2 Responses to Let the City Know Temescal Should Be Repaved

  1. Susan Lynch says:

    Chautauqua, from PCH to Sunset Blvd., is in desperate need of repaving. This has been a problem for years, not months. It demands immediate attention!

  2. Sue says:


    Councilman Mike Bonin’s Field Deputy Lisa Cahill said this morning, the Chautauqua repaving is still on the schedule for April 27 and 28–provided there are no more heavy rains and all the clearances are obtained.


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