Legion Auxiliary Donates Thanksgiving Gift Cards to Palisades Firefighters

Members of Post 283 Auxiliary joined firefighters at Station 69 to present a Ralphs’ gift card (left to right) Jorge Espinoza, Kelly O’Keefe, Captain Mike McIndoe, Violet Curtis, Deloris Artis, Captain Eric Nakamaru, Virginia Jakel, Nancy Niles, Chase Coleman, Joanna Curtis and Octavio Silveyra. In the front row is Bentleigh Borgeson.

As Pacific Palisades residents and people across the country settle in for Thanksgiving with their families, there are many men and women who work in emergency services, such as firefighters, police and medical personnel, who will be on duty. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner on this national holiday either will not happen or has to be celebrated at a later time.

Part of the mandate for the American Legion Post 283 Auxiliary is to support veterans, service members, their families and community. Members are also tasked with letting the community know about the organization and promoting responsible citizenship.

Ever thankful for the services of the firefighters at Station 23 and Station 69 in Pacific Palisades, the Auxiliary voted to donate a grocery card to each station to help pay for food for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Many may not realize that firefighters have to pay for their own meals while working at their station. Generally, those on duty take turns shopping and cooking.

The C-shift will be working at each station on November 25. A $500 gift card to Ralphs was given to Station 69 (Sunset and Carey), to aid with food purchases for meal preparations. A $250 gift card to Vons was given to Station 23 (Sunset and Los Liones).

As you celebrate tomorrow, Auxiliary members ask you to remember those who are working at various jobs, and those who are on duty, and give them special thanks.

(Left to right Station 23: Robert Appleford, Dan Ramirez, Virginia Jakel, Jim Rogers, Deloris Artis, Captain Kurt Vosberg and Chris Justus. These are members of the C-shift that will be working on Thanksgiving.)

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