K’s Bakery Is a Top Choice for Many Palisadians

Several residents have responded to Circling the News’ request to tell us about their favorite local eatery.

“I recommend K’s Bakery on Palisades Drive, in the small strip mall just off Sunset. They have a great variety of fresh baked goods (the bakers come in early in the morning),” the reader wrote. “They also have a great number of homemade soups and salads as well as many ‘traditional dinner meals.’ They also deliver.”

Another reader wrote: “We had a great vegetarian pasta dish from Kay’s Bakery the other night. I don’t know how they got such flavor out of so few ingredients. It also included a piece of delicious chocolate pie and it was only $20.”

On Nextdoor Palisades, others chimed in. “I have to have chicken pot pies or I don’t feel right! Thank you for staying open and providing such delicious food as well as delivery. You make this tolerable!”

Another wrote: “Their takeout is fabulous! Try their turkey meatloaf or lasagna made with meat or without.” (Visit: thekbakery.com or call (310) 573-9900.)

K Bakery owner Kim Kedeshian won the Bob Sage Business Person of the Year Award from the Palisades Rotary Club in 2018.

Kedeshian, originally an appellate lawyer who received a degree from Pepperdine and passed the bar in New York and California, began her business in 2007 after tasting a Bundt cake.

“I can make a better cake,” she said, and worked on her own recipe until family and friends provided rave reviews.

“I think we could sell these,” said Kedeshian, who with a partner began making various Bundt cakes and selling them at boutiques and by word of mouth. Her husband Paul, a physician at UCLA, gave them away as gifts.

The cakes’ reputation grew and then “we were shipping them all over the country,” especially in November and December, Kedeshian said. “We were working out of a commercial kitchen located at Pico and the 10 Freeway.”

A friend introduced her to the owner of The Yogurt Shoppe on Swarthmore and, in 2010, Kedeshian started baking brownies for the shop. By then, her initial partner wanted a break, so Kedeshian ventured ahead on her own.

In the summer of 2011, Kedeshian was driving with her husband down Sunset when she saw a “For Lease” sign in a storefront in the mini mall near Vons.

She called her mom and said, “I’m just going for it,” and within 30 days she had K Bakery up and running in the 600-sq.-ft. space. “There were four of us: a baker, a counter person, my mom and me,” Kedeshian said.

K Bakery’s first savory was a chicken pot pie, which came on the menu in 2013.

“Food is emotional,” she said. “When I was growing up [in South Pasadena] and my parents went out, it was a big treat when the babysitter made a chicken pot pie. I was nostalgic about it, but I thought I could do it better.”

Spending time running her business and baking breads, cupcakes, cookies and bars left Kedeshian little time to pack lunches for her kids, who attended Calvary Christian School, so she started making soups to send as lunches.

Their friends were soon asking for the same lunch. “It was a groundswell from my kids’ friends,” Kedeshian said, noting that before the end of the school year in 2013, K Bakery was delivering about 60 lunches daily to Calvary. “I had people calling and it was bedlam.”

Kedeshian started preparing lunches for other schools, even hiring a chef primarily to prepare the meals for kids. She now has accounts at five schools: Calvary, St. Matthew’s, Seven Arrows, Montessori and Pacifica High School.

The lunch program was so successful that families started requesting takeout dinners. Kedeshian responded by preparing dinners that could be delivered or picked up, not only because there was a need, but because “my own family needed dinners, too.”

One dinner special featured on the current website is Jidori chicken breast stuffed with fresh mozzarella and basil leaves, wrapped in prosciutto and topped with a tomato relish; served over Bucatini pasta with an organic spring mix salad and slice of limoncello bundt cake ($19). There are salad, sandwiches, soups and quiche.

“I feel like it’s a community business,” Kedeshian told this editor, when she received the Rotary award. “A business isn’t a business without the community.”

Her mother and business partner, Katherine Dagermangy, who lives in Pasadena, said: “I do a lot behind the scenes. Wherever I’m needed I’m there. But this is Kim’s dream in life.”

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  1. Christine Odionu says:

    What a beautiful article Sue. I love K Bakery also my favorite is the chinese chicken salad
    Thank You for all the good work you do Sue. Love all your articles.

  2. M says:

    We cannot wait for K to open their restaurant across from BOCA on Monument.
    The best of luck to all!! M

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