Juvenile Crime Includes Graffiti, Car Break-ins: Street Vendor Letters

Red spray paint was on signs, boulders and in the restroom of George Wolfberg Park. It was cleaned by resident Cindy Simon.


I hope we can catch the kids who did this [graffiti in George Wolfberg Park at Potrero]. It’s a shame such a beautiful place/sanctuary can be vandalized. I brought friends from out of town for a walk and I was embarrassed.

People are fed up there are no consequences anymore for this type of behavior going on in our communities.



This girl was captured on a ring camera on Kagawa Street around 3 a.m. Monday morning.

One person in the Alphabet Streets wrote on Nextdoor on April 23 that “My car was broken into yesterday with property stolen.”

On April 22, at 3:03 a.m., a neighbor’s Ring surveillance camera detected a group of teenagers on foot heading southbound on Iliff St, attempting to break into a car before heading further south.

At 3:16 a.m., on the 900 block of Kagawa St, another neighbor’s Ring camera was triggered, detecting two suspects: 1) Female, light skin complexion, mid-teens, with red or brown hair, wearing a dark GAP hoodie and dark blue spotted pajama pants with black and white tennis shoes. 2) Male/female , mid-teens, thin, light skin complexion, wearing a grey hoodie with white undershirt and dark pants. The two suspects were observed attempting to break into a car before heading northbound on Kagawa. It is reported that several cars on Kagawa had their windows smashed in.

This suspect was captured on a Ring Camera on Kagawa accompanying the girl.

At 3:30 a.m., a private security worker was sitting in his car on the 900 block of Chautauqua Boulevard when he had noticed a group of five or six juveniles on the street, heading south on foot from Albright Street on the 1000 Block of Chautauqua Boulevard.

The group was described as teenagers, somewhere between the ages of 15 and 18, Caucasians/ light skin completions, wearing dark heavy jackets with hoods, all estimated to be under the height of 5’8″.

The suspects were observed “zig-zagging” down the street, attempting to open car doors and were successful in opening a few that had unlocked doors.

The juveniles were also observed smashing car windows and entering vehicles, stealing property. The private security agent flashed a bright light at the group, who laughed, as they headed west on Bashford Street.

The group sat on a stone wall along Bashford St momentarily and then proceeded to head north on Kagawa St where they were last seen. Police were dispatched promptly and arrived within several minutes.

Based on police reports, multiple car windows were shattered with property stolen from them. The suspects were not found. Due to the lack of a getaway vehicle and the carefree composure of the suspects, it is believed that they may be local children familiar with the neighborhood.



This street vendor sets up in front of Ralph’s store on the public sidewalk. According to laws, it must ensure five feet of public right of way. A second vendor set up at the library.

Two letters were sent to Councilmember Park’s office and shared with CTN:

There are now two apparently unlicensed, unregulated, open air street meat vendors blocking sidewalks in Pacific Palisades.  One is putting down roots in front of Ralph’s while the other has encamped in front of the library.  It can’t be ADA-compliant to block the sidewalks the way they have and, frankly, it’s making the neighborhood look bad. And while a backyard bar-b-ques are great, I don’t enjoy always having to walk through cooking smoke when walking through town. On top of that, it’s unfair to the businesses that actually pay taxes, follow the rules, and maintain sanitary conditions.

Can your office do anything before our quaint neighborhood turns into an outdoor bazaar?

Good afternoon Councilwoman Park,

Please vote NO on lowering the permit from $290 to $27 for street vendors. Below is a photo I took on April 16. A street vendor has set up in front of the library here in the Palisades. My wife and I had to form a single line to pass. Note in the photo three mothers pushing baby strollers also having to form a single line to pass.

I do not see the reason that street vendors are allowed at all.

A food vendor, without a license, has set up on the sidewalk in front of the library, limiting access.           Photo: RICH SCHMITT/CTN

Photographer Rich Schmitt reported that on his way to photograph baseball on April 23, the stand was gone from in front of the library. Let’s hope the stand selling “mystery meat” tacos does not set up again there and also does not set up in another location in the Palisades. Please support local businesses/restaurants, they pay taxes and are struggling to stay afloat.

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2 Responses to Juvenile Crime Includes Graffiti, Car Break-ins: Street Vendor Letters

  1. Jim McCashin II says:

    In addition to alerting the congresswoman, has the LAPD been called in? Who prosecutes violations of the Health & Safety Codes?

  2. Concerned resident says:

    In addition to all of the above, these vendors operate in violation of the rules required for temporary cooking permits in public spaces, which must be obtained from the fire department. These vendors are also using open flames in a public space in a very high fire severity zone, which is illegal. One only has to walk by to observe the billowing smoke, multiple propane tanks, and charcoal grills set up on the sidewalk. There are no fire extinguishers or other protections in place. Please contact the captain at Station 69 to ask them to enforce the local and state fire laws.

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