Just “Singin’ in the Rain”

Rain from the most recent storm, flooded streets.

The Genesis Invitational people were probably happy they weren’t “Singin’ in the Rain,” to end the annual golf tournament held at the Riviera Country Club on Sunday afternoon, February 18.

The rain did start that evening, and included heavy downpours and showers that lasted until the early a.m. on February 21. When the weather system finally moved out, the rain gauge on Radcliffe Avenue had 4.6 inches of rain.  A gauge on Fiske Street measured 4.7 inches of rain.

The season started on July 1 and runs through June 30 and with this most recent storm, the Palisades has received 26.4 inches of rain to date.

The annual rainfall here is 13.78 inches of rain. The most rain recorded in a season in Pacific Palisades was 42.60 inches in 1997-1998.

Comparing previous seasons, generally, this is a wetter than normal year, which started in August when Hurricane Hilary dropped 4 inches of rain.

2015-16 received 9.07 inches of rain.

2016-17 received 17.99 inches of rain.

2017-18 received 6.04 inches of rain.

2018-19 received 19.68 inches of rain.

2019-20 received 13.82 inches of rain.

2020-21 received 10.94 inches of rain.

2021-22 received 13.34 inches of rain

2022-23 received 32.1 inches of rain.

The long-range forecast shows the possibility of more rain on Sunday/Monday.

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