In Memorium: Daniele Baptiste Yonet

(This is a self-portrait by Daniele when she was in art school in Nancy, France, at about  age 19. It was painted about three years before she came to New York.)


Daniele Baptiste Yonet passed away on June 19, 2024.

Daniele was born August 14, 1942, in the Pyrenees town of Argeles Gazost. Her father Raymond put the family, including her mother, Lucienne, and brother Claude in the town for safekeeping during World War II, while he was in French-related military service in Syria.

After the war, they all returned to Nancy in Lorraine.

When Danielle’s mother became single, she was employed at a government office and did not leave work until 7 p.m. During Daniele’s school years, Monday through Friday, she stayed with her Aunt Henriette, who took care of her. Below is a painting Daniele did as an 18-year-old from her window in Nancy, France.


In 1965, she came to visit family in Riverdale, New York, and met Howard Yonet at a party in Manhattan. They were married the following year.

After Howard’s stint in the Army Medical Service (1966-1969), the couple moved to Pacific Palisades in 1970.

Daniele was a devoted and loving wife to Howard, a doctor who practiced general radiology. She was the mother to Henri and Paul Yonet and loved her role as a homemaker.

(Many readers may know of the Yonets through What is it? that features a collection of curios that appear in Circling the News.)


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