Home on Kingman Broken Into and Robbed

Be on the lookout for this man. Especially if you plan to be out of town this weekend or over the holiday, know there are criminals who are trying to gain access to your home.

A Santa Monica Canyon resident wrote that there were two men that came into her home on Kingman on November 20 around 10:30 a.m.

The first knocked on her door a few minutes after the resident had left. They did not know that her mother was still in the house.

When no one responded to the knock, the two came into the house and took thousands of dollars’ worth of purses, Christmas gifts, and credit cards and “destroyed our rooms,” the resident said.

A resident living in Marquez Knolls said the same men came to that area of town around 1 p.m. and knocked on his door. When the resident answered, the criminals claimed to be landscapers, and the resident told him to leave. The men are driving a silver Infinity four-door sedan with dark-tinted windows.

Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin was notified.

This man was in Marquez Knolls and claimed to be a landscaper. He was caught on a RING camera on Kingman Avenue, where he and an accomplice broke into a home.

The two men were seen driving this silver four-door Infinity.

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