Good-Natured Older Bulldog Needs Adopting

Magdy needs adopting. This English Bulldog was probably used for breeding because of her sweet, gentle and good-natured temperament. Staff at the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace, who save all sorts of “unadoptable” animals from shelters, said she came from Lancaster. They think Magdy was used repeatedly for breeding.

At some point, she had outlived her usefulness for the breeder and was “thrown out.”

The staff think she’s about seven years old and after months of helping her, Magdy is ready for adoption.

According to the American Kennel Club, English Bulldogs generally live to be 8-10 years and are friendly, courageous and calm.

About Magdy, staff write “her pain is under control, and this special soul wants noting more than to lay on a soft spot, soak up the sun and if you have a window for her to watch the world go by . . . that would be a bonus.”

Magdy is on pain medication for her front legs and a special food for her allergies. She will need to continue the medicine and it’s an expense that someone adopting her, should be aware.

This sweet mama dog needs a place to spend her final years, and a home where the person will be able to give her the care she needs, including visits to a vet. This is a dog that won’t need walks or a lot of exercise, as long as you have a yard she can explore.

Circling the News spoke to staff, and they said she needs a home with no steps.

If you try to visit this sweetie at the PetSpace, 12005 Bluff Creek Drive in Playa Vista, you’ll find her downstairs. (Most of the pets that are adoptable are upstairs in individual rooms.)

The PetSpace is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays: hours are listed on the website (

One of this editor’s dogs was adopted at this facility and it is super easy 1) someone is there to answer all of your questions about individual dogs (and cats). 2)people are allowed to meet the dogs, one on one—and if you already have dogs, you can bring them to the space for a meetup before taking a second or third animal home. 3)Complete the adoption agreement, pay a small fee and take your animal home. 4)The staff is available for any questions and there are also upcoming events at the space.

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