Girl Scout Cookies Available Here, Or for Shipping

With the plea from readers who wanted to know how to get their annual “fix” of Girl Scout cookies, the response was immediate.

Lynn Mack-Costello, a former CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles and a lifetime member, wrote in a February 4 email: “Thank you so much for highlighting for the community the vital question of how people can get their cookies this year.”

She noted that there will be no cookie booths at stores or door-to-door sales this year because the Council determined the safety of the public and girls during the Covid-19 pandemic is of greater importance.

“However, the 40 Girl Scout troops in the Palisades, Malibu, Brentwood, and Topanga communities can satisfy everyone’s cookie fix!” Mack-Costello said. “We appreciate the public’s support of our girls as they engage in earning money to support their troop activities and service projects, as well as learn important skills in budgeting and entrepreneurship, even virtually as they plan for post-Covid times.”

She said there were two ways (website or app) that people can order cookies — or donate cookies — if they do not know a local Scout. (Visit: or the app: at

“These inquiries will be passed on to local Girl Scout Troops who will contact each customer to fill their order,” said Mack-Costello, who added that if a “customer wants to make a donation or order cookies to be shipped directly to them (no in-person delivery), the app will show which local Girl Scout Troops are selling cookies; and one can order directly from them.”

This year, the Girl Scouts are offering eight varieties: Thin Mints (they need no definition!), Samoas (caramel, coconut, & chocolate), Trefoils (shortbread), Tagalongs (chocolate-covered peanut butter), Do-Si-Dos (peanut butter sandwich cookie), Lemon-Ups (crispy naturally flavored lemon cookie), Toffee-Tastics (gluten-free) and S’mores (chocolate, marshmallow, and graham).  The first six varieties are $5; Toffee-Tastic and S’Mores are $6.

Mack-Costello, the Service Unit Manager for the Palisades-Malibu Service Unit of Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, said “If your Covid-waistline suggests you not eat any cookies, you can donate to Cookies for the Community and still support our girls while sending cookies to military, veteran organizations, and other local support organizations.”

“For any questions about Girl Scouts and all they are doing or interest in joining, folks can contact me,” she said. “I am the volunteer which works with all of our local troops and helps coordinate their activities.”


Palisadian Deann Wilken reached out to CTN about her granddaughter. “Kendall is selling Girl Scout cookies. She and her mother are happy to deliver to anyone in the Palisades area. There is also an option to have the cookies delivered right to your home.  I know Kendall’s uncle in Northern California has already received the order he placed with Kendall so the shipping seems rather quick.” Wilken sent a link to Kendall’s site:

Palisadian Kambiz Kamdar wrote that her daughter developed a bar code (below). “There is an option to get it shipped or hand delivered. If it is in the Palisades, we can deliver,” Kamdar wrote.


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  1. Lynn Mack-Costello says:

    Big correction. I have never been council CEO…that was fellow Palisadian Lise Luttgens! Just a volunteer here working with our local troops.


  2. Sue says:


    You’ve done so much and are so wonderful–
    Thanks for the correction!


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