Fire Station 69 Trees Destroying Building

The pine trees at Fire Station 69 need to be trimmed.

The large pine trees needles/branches have done damage to Fire Station 69’s roof during the storms. One captain wrote, “I have been attempting to get the trees trimmed by the city for quite some time. I am still attempting to get them done. The city is slow to act on some of these things.”

Resident Tracey Price is trying to help the local firefighters and Station 69 and sent out a letter (below) asking residents to help pay for the tree trimming, by going through the LAFD Foundation.

CTN contacted Councilmember Traci Parks’ Field Deputy Michael Amster on February 14 (and cc’d Parks District Juan Fregoso) and asked, “Why do people have to fundraise to have city trees trimmed by Fire Station 69? Can you work some magic with street services, so these trees are trimmed?”

Amster responded on February 15 “I called the Station to learn what’s going on. I’m going to need to take some time to explore whether there are options to support.”

If damage is done to the FS 69 with this week’s storm, it will be taxpayers’ dollars that will repair it – repair that could have been prevented if the trees were trimmed.

Or send an email to Traci Parks, Michael Amster and District Director Juan Fregoso, reminding them your tax dollars are needed for tree trimming at Fire Station 69.

Residents, read the letter below. Donations to Fire Station 69 are always helpful. They are remodeling the kitchen and using some donated funds, and also house funds (that is money collected from each shift at the fire station).

Dear Friends and Neighbors of LAFD Fire Station 69,

Whether you’ve personally dialed 9-1-1, been in a car accident, experienced a fire, or required a rescue, the impact of our local fire stations touches us all. Operating in 24-hour shifts, the fire stations serve not only as workplaces but also as second homes for our firefighters. Maintaining both the interior and exterior of the firehouse is essential, and everyday appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, and fitness equipment are utilized continuously, around the clock. The heavy usage can lead to breakdowns, and replacements and repairs are often necessary, yet the cost is not covered by the city due to the lack of funds.

The Adopt-A-Fire-Station (AAFS) Program was created by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Foundation to improve the working and living conditions for the firefighters and paramedics in all 106 LAFD fire stations. The LAFD Foundation supports the LAFD in protecting life, property, and the environment by providing essential equipment, training, and public outreach initiatives to complement and supplement city resources. Collaboration with community members is vital, as these objectives cannot be accomplished alone.

Our neighborhood LAFD Fire Station 69 (located at 15045 Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272) requires landscaping assistance. Our focus is on raising funds for the trimming of trees surrounding the station. Recent storms have heightened worries about potential branch falls, posing risks to both the building’s integrity and passing vehicles on the street. Due to the demands of storm season, the city’s resources are unable to provide prompt assistance.

Please consider supporting our efforts in supplying our heroes with what they need by donating to Fire Station 69. The Foundation does not take an administrative fee so the full amount of your donation will go directly to Fire Station 69. Any amount would be appreciated. We hope to raise $6,500 for this project, and any additional funds raised beyond what is necessary for the tree trimming will go directly and fully into a fund for Fire Station 69 click here. or send a check (with” Fire

Station 69” written in the memo line) to:

Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation

1700 Stadium Way, Suite 100

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Your tax-deductible contribution (Tax ID #27-2007326) will greatly enhance the everyday lives of the heroes who work around the clock to keep our community safe. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Robin at the LAFD Foundation, at (310) 552-4139, or by email at







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  1. Betsy Collins says:

    Thanks, Sue, for your excellent reporting. I have just now written a check to support our Fire Station 69. I do hope the community joins in this effort. The crews at 69 have always been very helpful to all of us and they deserve our support.

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