Family Movie for Easter: “Forty-Seven Days with Jesus”

A scene from the grandparent’s ranch.

“This movie radiates hope. It’s about a modern-day family that is very relatable: they’re dealing with health challenges; they’re putting work first and they’re just so disconnected from one another. Forty-Seven Days with Jesus is a gentle, non-judgmental reminder to step back and reevaluate what really matters,” said producer and Palisades resident Kristen Brancaccio.

This film, distributed through Fathom Events and Pinnacle Peak Pictures, will be shown in more than 800 theaters across the nation for three nights only: March 11, 12, and 14, getting audiences in the Easter spirit before that date on March 31.

Brancaccio told this editor that the closest theater to see the film will be the AMC in Century City.

“It’s an uplifting family film,” she said, adding that it stars two actors, Yoshi Barrigas and Catherine Lidstone, who play Joseph and Julianna Burdon, are from the hit show The Chosen.

Catherin Lidstone and Yosihi Barrigas are all smiles in a scene from the movie.

The story starts with the Burdon family, who attend a reunion at Poppa and Nonna’s ranch. They realize how disconnected their family has become: marital issues, teenaged angst and Poppa’s health hurdles. The adults decide to share Poppa’s Forty-Seven Days story with the kids, which transports the family, and theater goers, to see the miracles of Jesus’ final 47 days on earth.

Brancaccio said that she thinks our country needs a message of hope and unity and, “What attracted me to the script for Forty-Seven Days with Jesus is that it’s about a modern-day family passing the Easter story to their kids and grandkids. I was reminded of my own parents who brought me to church growing up and – more importantly – consistently modeled love and compassion.

“They live out ‘the good news’ every day, not just on Sundays, and it’s had a profound impact on who I am,” Brancaccio said. “This movie is a beautiful reminder of the importance of passing on these values to the next generation.”

Writer/director David Gutel said, “Making Forty Seven Days with Jesus was a personal journey for me. I rediscovered my faith, I learned what it truly means to forgive and to be forgiven. I hope that after watching this movie, audiences walk away revitalized by the power of forgiveness and what it means to us in the 21st century.”

Brancaccio, who is originally from New Jersey, moved to L.A. 10 years ago to pursue a career in filmmaking. She moved to the Palisades two years ago and said, “The community has been so welcoming; I love it here!”

Nene Nwoko plays the flower woman in the film.

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  1. Kristen says:

    A wonderful article, thank you so much!! I hope everyone enjoys the film!

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