Everyone’s Age Clarified by Readers


In September 26 Musings, Circling the News printed the following:


A reader sent an oddity that “Everyone’s age today is 2022.”

If you put your age this year and add it to the year you were born, the total is 2022. This is true of everyone.

My mom is 93, she was born in 1929. If you add those two numbers together its 2022. My sister is 63 and born in 1959. If you add the two numbers, it’s 2022. Try it.

CTN has never doubted that some of the most intelligent readers are those reading this blog. This editor was not disappointed and is sharing some of the responses:

*** Was the first article ” Everyone’s the Same Age” a joke.  My daughter said it was, others not so sure?

*** I was born in 1959 and I’m 62- jus’ sayin🙃

*** The formula that you gave certainly works, but I don’t think it’s such a big deal.  You can pick any year and the formula will still work.  For example, next year the total will be 2023 and so on.

***“Everyone’s age today is 2022” That’s not exactly surprising….

1) It won’t work for anyone who has a birthday that hasn’t happened yet this year (It will be 2021 for anyone trying this who was born September 30 through December 31).

2) That math will always add to the current year (at least once you get to your birthday each year) – since your age represents the number of years since the year you were born….

Birth Year + Number of Years Since You Were Born = This year?

So next year it would total 2023, etc.

If you reverse the math: Current year – your age = your birth year, then you get the more common approach to these numbers.

***If you reverse the process by using the year 2022, subtract your age, naturally, the result is the year you were born—not at all an oddity.

***On the subject of the numerical oddity:  If you take the year you were born [let’s say 1981], and add your age [41], by your calculation you’ll get 2022. It works.

***Let’s say you calculated the numbers for yourself from last year.  You were still born in 1981, and last year you were 40. Add those numbers and you get 2021.  Which was last year.

***The numbers hold up for every single year. The year you were born + your age = the current year.

***Everyone is the same year age every year. Figure it out – add your age to the year you were born and of course it will be the year it is.   It’s simply obvious nothing unique think about it if you were two in 1952 you were obviously born in 1950 (+2=1952) duh!


Thank you for all of your responses!


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  1. Eileen Ogilvie says:

    My son in law takes exception. Says he’s 37 ( but actually started to wonder if maybe he is 38?)
    Born 10/84= 2021 🤷🏻‍♀️

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